Full-Service Mechanic For Tractor & Trailer Repair In Mobile, AL Now Available

Sep 30, 2021

Gulf City Body & Trailer Works, Inc. (251-438-5521) in Mobile, AL, is a trusted specialized mechanic for trailer and tractor repair. We offer full-service mechanical packages for truck businesses in the state.

If you own a tractor or trailer, you need a specialized mechanic. For the last 60 years and counting, we’re proud to be the go-to choice for truck businesses in Alabama.

Continuing our mission of offering specialized mechanical services for freight and cargo businesses, our team at Gulf City Body has strengthened our portfolio of services to include additional health and safety protocols. All mechanics practice strict sanitation guidelines and social distancing, when appropriate.

Learn more at https://gulfcity.com/service 

The updated repair packages are meant for trailers or tractors in the state. Our highly skilled mechanics work on all trailer-related issues, from aluminum and stainless welding, steel fabrication and hydraulic work, wet line kit installation, and truck equipment to axle repair. We understand that no job is too small or too large and work on each truck as if it were the only one!

This dedication to service is what differentiates us from the rest. We are committed to getting the job right the first time, all the time. After all, our business is keeping you IN business!

That is why we take the time to speak with you beforehand and assess your vehicle before any service is recommended.

We attribute our reputation for high-quality mechanical work to our adaptability. Since we began over six decades ago, we have kept themselves updated on the latest technologies and techniques for tractor repair. This includes attending annual training seminars and certification courses.

The goal is to remain nimble to the ever-changing landscape of trailer repair. As technology improves, so too do the vehicles that use them. We are continually upgrading our skills to provide efficient work on today’s complex trucks and trailers.

To emphasize this, we have improved our services to comply with the latest health guidelines to practice physical distancing and frequent sanitation. This is to reduce the risk of possible virus transmission.

We encourage you to schedule an appointment with us at least a day prior to your intended date to limit drive-ins.

We can repair any type of truck or trailer. We service Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Northwest Florida.

Keep on truckin’, friend. Let us help.

Go to https://gulfcity.com so you can learn more.

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