Fruity & Floral Assam Black Tea With Cinnamon, Apple & Real Vanilla Extract

Jun 19, 2024

Ready to add a twist to your usual morning routine? Check out Tiny Lotus Tea’s newest Assam black tea blends, which are the perfect pick-me-up no matter what time of day it is!

Tea is a wonderfully flexible beverage that you can enjoy, whether you’re more of a traditionalist or someone who embraces the innovations of the modern age. In fact, Tiny Lotus Tea has just the thing for you, regardless of what type of person you are! With Assam teas that offer modern twists on old classics or new flavors altogether, there’ll always be a blend just for you in store!

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Assam tea originates from the Assam region of India, and it is known for its rich, malty flavor and savory aroma. This variant of black tea is often used in breakfast teas, particularly Irish and English blends, due to its high caffeine content. 

But caffeine isn’t all that it has. According to one article on Healthline, research has shown that Assam tea leaves are also high in compounds such as theaflavins, thearubigins, and catechins, which act as antioxidants. Don’t worry too much about those complicated names; simply put, they’re good for you.

Invigorating Assam Teas

And that’s why Tiny Lotus Tea’s newest blends are packed with top-grade Assam leaves! As a reimagining of traditional Earl Grey, the company’s Earl Greyt (no, that’s not a typo) is made with whole Assam tea leaves and enhanced with bergamot oil, offering you the characteristic citrus undertones of the herb. The tea can be brewed at 194 °F and steeped for three to four minutes. For the best flavor, the company recommends a serving of two grams for every eight ounces of water.

Want something sweeter? You can instead purchase the Cinnfully Vanilla blend, which is part of Tiny Lotus Tea’s collection of original flavors. The blend combines Assam tea with cinnamon, apples, almonds, natural vanilla extract, and marigold petals to create a fruity tea with floral notes. When brewed at the suggested temperature of 210.2 °F, the beverage will be ready for drinking in three minutes. You won’t have to wait long to get your fix!

Soothing Darjeeling Teas

Tiny Lotus Tea also offers products made from other types of tea, including Darjeeling tea from West Bengal. One such example is their low-caffeine Peach Please blend, which combines whole Darjeeling leaves with peaches to create a sweet and aromatic beverage. Another Darjeeling tea they offer is their Twisted Ginger, which is the company’s take on classic lemon-ginger blends. Want a bit of spice in your life? This is the tea for you!

Ethically Sourced Herbal Teas

In light of the well-researched health benefits of tea, Tiny Lotus Tea also provides you with a choice of herbal blends that are designed to promote wellness and alleviate common ailments. And don’t worry; all ingredients used in their products are sourced from ethical producers, reflecting the company’s commitment to sustainability and fair trade. 

With all that in mind, you can buy these teas knowing you’re supporting the artisans and stewards of the tea-growing world! Whether it’s Assam tea, Darjeeling tea, or something else entirely, you can trust the top-notch quality and flavors that Tiny Lotus Tea offers to all of their customers!

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