From Something Old to Something New—Here Are The Top Wedding Trends for 2024

Mar 29, 2024

Wedding trends change, but you always need something old—and in 2024, wedding planners, happy couples, and photographers are going all-out retro.

Gen Z and Millennials are tying the knot and—as with everything they do—they’re putting their spin on it. 

From the ‘groovy wedding’, which Pinterest called the top 2024 wedding trend to the era of the drone show, as Vogue dubbed it, this year’s weddings promise to be truly unique and eclectic—much like the generations who are organizing them.

For those whose ‘love is tried and true blue’, Lux Heirloom, a wedding heirloom designer, is sharing the three top trends to keep in mind when planning a 2024 wedding—and one trend that’s definitely out (spoiler alert: it’s bridesmaid ‘uniforms’).

Weekend weddings make the most out of the wedding ‘day’

With arrivals, wedding prep, the ceremony, and the party typically all taking place in a single day, the ‘happiest day of a couple’s life’ can easily turn into… a very stressful experience, to put it mildly. 

The answer is simple: two-day weddings. And the trend is finally taking off in 2024, with searches for ‘weekend wedding venue’ up 50% in the last year, according to wedding planning magazine Hitched

As Vogue said in their article on the top wedding trends for 2024, having the party the day after the ceremony also allows for more unique and personalized party themes—from quirky dress codes to themed decor. 

Retro photos, videos, albums, colors—and the era of groovy weddings

The 70s aesthetics—with brown hues, stripes, houndstooth, corduroy, and other staples of the decade—has slowly been coming into the mainstream over the past few years. From Taylor Swift’s 70s-inspired outfits during the Midnights era to Daisy Jones and the Six bringing back both the sound and the style of the 70s, it's giving retro.

And Pinterest is predicting that ‘groovy weddings’ will be the 2024 wedding trend. Film photography, heirloom photo albums, 8 mm film documentary-style videos, and, of course, the 70s color explosion—nostalgia is increasingly on-trend in the digital era, and wedding planners, photographers, and happy couples are embracing the retro revival.

Disco balls, 70s-themed dress codes, and 70s music—2024 is shaping up to be the grooviest year on record since the 70s.

Happy day for both the couple and the planet—sustainable practices are trending

Another major trend predicted by Vogue, and other wedding experts, is sustainability. Younger generations are a lot more environmentally conscious in their day-to-day lives, travel, eating habits, and wedding choices, too. 

Wedding venue comparison site Wedding Spot reports that many young couples are opting for intimate and small weddings—which became popular after the pandemic—and are making conscious choices to reduce their carbon footprint. From recycled paper and locally grown food to ethically sourced fabrics and registering at sustainable stores, couples are taking steps to ensure their happy day is not a burden on the environment and future generations. 

Even those organizing big weddings are making eco-friendly choices, with many couples ditching fireworks in favor of the more eco-friendly alternative: drone light shows.

No more matching bridesmaid dresses—embrace individuality

For those who will have the great honor of being a bridesmaid in 2024, the wedding planning experts have some excellent news: matching bridesmaid dresses are—finally—out. No more pink or peach standard-issue dresses that look great on a tall, tan brunette but not so great on a short, fair-skin blonde.

Individualized bridesmaid dresses, set to a specific theme or featuring a specific pattern—but without a prescriptive style and a single shade of pink—will both make the bridesmaids feel more comfortable (and beautiful) and enhance the overall visual aesthetic of the wedding, with mixed patterns, color blocking, and beautiful people looking their best in photos that will be cherished forever.

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