From Offices To Homes—3 Ways To Use Storage Containers (beyond shipping)

Jun 6, 2024

Three not-so-surprising but definitely practical ways to use storage containers—as explained by experts.

Shipping containers are not an exciting topic. I know because I had to do research to write this—it’s not something I’d recommend for fun. But, they are useful—and for more than “just” shipping. 

Conexwest knows this better than anyone, and they’re sharing the top 3 ways you can use shipping containers for anything from temporary storage to permanent self-storage. 

Yes, I’m talking about storage container homes—we’ll get to that. First… 

Temporary storage during renovation or relocation

In his famous routine about ‘stuff’, standup comedy legend George Carlin said that your house is just a place for your stuff: “It’s a pile of stuff with a cover on it.”

And he has a point, we do have a lot of stuff. The average American has 300,000 items in their house. Do we have a bit of a clutter problem? Well, you know what they say one man’s trash…. But seriously though, yes—yes we do. And never is that more apparent than when it’s time to pack up for a renovation or a relocation.

Suddenly we’re not so sure that all those 300,000 items ‘spark joy’. While, of course, we can’t just get rid of all of it—or even most of it—we can (and should!) get rid of some of it. For the rest, rent a storage container

Shipping containers come in all kinds of sizes from 10ft to 45ft, and can even be customized. Or they can be refrigerated—in case you, for whatever reason, need to store a large amount of perishable goods while renovating your home.  

On-site or at-home offices 

Since the pandemic, many people switched to either work-from-home or a hybrid model, and younger generations, in particular, prefer freelancing from the comfort of their homes—with 15% of Gen Z and 44% of Millennials freelancing in 2023.

Of course, not all of those people are going to have a suitable home office, and many have found shipping containers to be an affordable solution. They come in various sizes and can be outfitted with whatever is needed for a comfortable at-home office—one that isn’t constantly occupied by kids, pets, partners, parents, or any other distraction. 

These shipping containers are also commonly used as on-site offices at construction sites, ticket booths, guard stations, and more. 

Storage container homes

The tiny home movement—which started in the early aughts—is still very much a thing, but the homes have gotten much better. From sustainability to reduced housing costs, there are many reasons why people are choosing to live in tiny homes. 

And you’d probably be lying if you said it’s never crossed your mind.

We’ve all seen videos of the beautiful tiny homes people made with storage containers—and once you see them, it’s hard not to start considering the idea, seriously. They somehow look futuristic and homey at the same time—and let’s face it, ‘homey’ is not something we’d use to describe most futuristic homes we see both in real life and on the screen. Tiny homes, however, are just so cozy.

And these days, it’s pretty easy to build a storage container home with all the features you want, just as you would an actual house. Only much cheaper and much faster.

So maybe shipping containers aren’t that boring, after all… It’s all about how you use them. Of course, if you do need them to ship goods, that’s fine too—they are shipping containers.

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