Fridley, MN Spiritual Healing – Discover Yourself & Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Do you want to live a joyful, authentic, and meaningful life? Thanks to Fridley, Minnesota’s Angela Kittock and Moondance Wellness Coaching (763-227-2837) now you can.

Fridley, MN Spiritual Healing - Discover Yourself & Overcome Limiting Beliefs

If you have been enduring fits and starts as you try to proceed down the path of self-improvement and enlightenment, you are not alone. Thankfully, with Moondance Wellness Coaching, you will now be guided every step of the way. Stop just getting by and start living vividly, fully and happily.

The purpose of their new healing-centered practices is to help you discover yourself and push past limiting beliefs to attain mental, personal and career growth. 

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With the New Year resolutions of January often quickly forgotten by February, Moondance Wellness Coaching understands that at this time of year it is common for you to begin losing your way, to start feeling trapped by the routine nature of the everyday and to find yourself unsure of how to reconnect with your intentions and your inner spirit.

In amongst the chaos, challenges and stressors that the outside world presents you with, Kittock wants you to find a reliable sense of inner calm, fortitude, wholeness and self-belief. She focuses on both the practical and tangible realm of day-to-day life, offering strategies to improve your connectedness and performance as a friend, family member, employee or business owner.  

However, her true excellence comes in her giftedness at helping to unite your body, mind, soul and spirit, ushering you towards a feeling of transcendence and helping you to open up to something much greater than the quotidian. 

In a climate in which, according to the National Institute of Mental Health, 1 in 5 American adults are now living with a mental health problem, the institute also appreciates the great difficulties many people face in overcoming an array of debilitating conditions like anxiety and depression to simply face each day.

In this way, Moondance Wellness Coaching believes that holistic and healing coaching services can, for many, be a useful preventative measure to identify and treat the parts of your life that cause unnecessary stress and harm. If you are undergoing treatment for a mental health condition, Kittock’s life coaching services can offer you another layer of meaningful healing and regeneration. 

Moondance Wellness Coaching was founded by Angela Kittock, who is a passionate advocate for holistic health and wellbeing. She believes that when equipped with the right tools, all people can live authentically and experience true joy.

In addition to their personal coaching services, the institute offers you personality profiling services, teaches soulful yin yoga classes and leads mindfulness meditation sessions. 

A spokesperson for Moondance Wellness Coaching said, “As your personal growth and healing coach, I can guide you through addressing the cognitive, emotional, spiritual, energetic, and relational dimensions of healing. I offer deep insights, genuine and heartfelt support, and the accountability you need as you embark on the most exciting journey of your life – to answer the questions ‘Who am I?’ ‘Why am I here?’ and ‘How can I heal and grow?’”

If you’re ready to take your first steps on the path to true lasting health and happiness, then join hands with Moondance.

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