Free Thanksgiving Book for Kids (Derek’s Adventures) Author D.M. Denert

Dec 3, 2021

Get Thanksgiving Book for Kids “Derek’s Great Thanksgiving Escape” by D.M. Denert for free on Amazon

D.M. Denert, father of three and author of a Thanksgiving book for kids, “Derek's Great Thanksgiving Escape”, is releasing it for FREE on Amazon from November 25th to November 29th.

You can get the book on Amazon

While it's the first book Denert has authored he's head has been filled with stories since early childhood. At first the stories lived on through his children, when D.M. Denert would tell snippets of them as bed time stories.

The "Derek's Great Thanksgiving Escape" was just such story and written to be a silly but heartwarming tale of boy trying to escape the family reunion of the Thanksgiving Dinner.

What a better time to read a a story about family Thanksgiving, on Thanksgiving?

Derek's plans on the Great Thanksgiving Escape include to

Derek's Great Thanksgiving Escape sets its main focus to avoiding his angry sister, disgusting cousins, and most of all kissing aunties. It's a Derek's Thanksgiving a whole family can enjoy!

Get ready for one of the most elaborate plans to get out of Thanksgiving a kid has ever come up with. It even includes 3 separate phases!

D.M. Denert fondly remembers his own family gatherings, and even the getting out part. Now, with 3 bundles of joy, or little troublemakers, of his own, he finally understands both sides of the holidays!

When asked about why he wrote the book, Denert said: "to share the stories I've already been telling my kids for years"

Denert has hopes that the book will help launch a whole series of Derek's Adventures. This positive outlook is only possible if more people know about and enjoy "Derek's Great Thanksgiving Escape."

However, the book almost didn't get published before Thanksgiving. Denert didn't factor in the time need for art work and editing.

All in all, it ended on a positive note and the author made a point of thanking his children for their part in the creation of the book, saying: "If it wasn't for them I would have never written this book. "

Those interested in learning more about the Thanksgiving book for kids can visit here:

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