Free Speech Search Engine Offers Censorship-Free Browsing To Center-Right Users

Aug 1, 2023

You don’t need to sacrifice your private data to use a search engine. Get TUSK and keep your personal information. Experience true private browsing today with TUSK!

Hit big tech where it hurts by choosing the TUSK search engine!

Virtual World Computing, LLC, the mind behind the TUSK browser, is introducing a search engine featuring robust anti-censorship measures. It was conceived as an alternative to search engines like Google and Yahoo, which, as you probably know, block results while profiting from your private data.

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TUSK’s search engine allows you to find information and access content without fear of censorship, particularly political content that is commonly inaccessible on most search engines.

“We believe that information should be freely available to anyone who seeks it,” the developers said. “No entity, whether it be from the government or any of these big tech companies, should be the arbiter of what people should know.”

According to the company, despite the browser’s news feed defaulting to news organizations that lean right, you’re free to customize the news feed as you see fit. “This option is part of our commitment to censorship-free browsing. You’re free to read or view whatever you want,” the developers added.

Another notable feature of the search engine is its “bias filter,” which lets you filter results according to their sources. For instance, by selecting “left,” TUSK will only show you results from publications and organizations that identify as left-leaning. This is pretty handy, especially if you want to know what the other side thinks of a hot-button issue!

Furthermore, Virtual World Computing invested heavily in TUSK’s security features. Despite being built using the Chromium codebase, TUSK was heavily modified to prevent tracking, profiling, or monitoring by Google or other bad actors on the web seeking your data.

And because it shares similar code with Chrome, TUSK allows for the seamless installation of extensions available in the Chrome Web Store. So all the good stuff, but none of the bad!

The browser, including all its built-in features, is free to use and can be downloaded on Android, iOS, macOS, or Windows platforms.

TUSK creator Virtual World Computing is an independent and privately held company, spearheaded by founder and majority investor Jeff Bermant. A serial entrepreneur and anti-censorship advocate, Jeff’s involvement in browser development began with Cocoon, a browser that eschews private data collection. As you can see, you’re not dealing with some fly-by-night developer.

Jeff and his team continue their work on TUSK, so expect more features in the future! So show your support by downloading TUSK from

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