Free Speech Search Engine Lets Users Choose Political Angles, Disrupts Industry

Nov 21, 2023

Everyone knows that Google leans liberal – but Google itself always claimed it’s neutral. Taking the political dynamics from behind the search engine and turning them into a main feature, TUSK Search fundamentally revolutionizes the search industry. Here’s how.

The Free Speech Browser Essential For Balanced Access To Information

The left-wing bias on Google is well documented, as analyses show that the popular search engine tends to promote news stories from liberal publishers over conservative alternatives.

The TUSK Difference

In a bid to offer a more balanced view of current events and opinions, TUSK is introducing a “free speech search engine” that brings to the forefront the hidden mechanism behind traditional search.

The platform is designed to ease access to information free of political bias. Available for iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS, the app offers access to news platforms that may be less favored by other search engines - all while empowering users to adjust their feed based on their political leaning.

That's right - with TUSK, you can select between Left, Right, and Center in your search results - so you can see for yourself how search bias works, and be that much closer to being aware of the nuances of each news story, topic, or opinion you're interested in.

“A free speech search engine is a search engine that allows users to find information without censorship,” explains Jeff Bermant, University of South Cal American History Major and founder of TUSK. “It allows users to access content without the risk of it being blocked or removed due to its political or social content. This type of search engine is especially important in countries that have strict censorship rules and regulations, as it allows the free flow of information.”

Why Bias Either Way It's Bad - And Why We Need To Know It Exists

Potential bias in the way information is delivered affects both sides of the political spectrum, says Jeff - which is why TUSK allows you to tweak the political angle of the information delivered by the search engine. This is instrumental in empowering media consumers to take an active role in assessing political information bias, and developing a more balanced view on the topics that matter to them.

While developed by a Conservative organization and used primarily by Conservative audiences, TUSK is thus set to revolutionize search by bringing full transparency to a process that is normally touted as balanced, but is, in fact, dictated by politically-biased agendas, explains Jeff.

Go to to download TUSK - and see how free speech search engines truly work!

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