Free Event Every Thursday At Halcyon Bar + Lounge In Raleigh, NC

Jul 8, 2024

You’re invited to the ultimate pregame of the weekend! Sunny Days Presents and DJ Rio (336-549-2076) have launched Culture Thursdays: a weekly event in Raleigh, NC with good food, great music, and beautiful people.

Introducing the ultimate weekend kickoff: Culture Thursdays! Every Thursday, you get to relax with a community of like-minded people who just want to eat good food, listen to good music, and have a good time. The best part? There is absolutely NO cover charge!

Are you ready? Then check out today!

The official pregame of the weekend

Join Sunny Days Presents and DJ Rio every Thursday for their weekly pregame event at the HALCYON Bar + Lounge.

Culture Thursdays are meant for anyone looking for good music, food, and vibes at the heart of downtown Raleigh. From 8:00 pm to 12 midnight every Thursday, you can relax with food prepared by Mr. “I Got Your Dinner” Pops from @popsspot919 while listening to beats curated by DJ Rio from K97.5.

It’s the perfect wind down from a hectic week – or even just a nice change of pace from the usual grind.

No cover charge, ever

All events have no cover charge. According to DJ Rio, Culture Thursdays were created as the official pregame for the weekend. They are intended for people to enjoy good vibes with hookah and dancing and connect with a diverse community, as they wait for the weekend.

DJ Rio writes, "Whether you're looking to unwind after a long day or meet new people, Culture Thursdays is the perfect place to do so. Come experience the dynamic and inclusive atmosphere that makes this event a must-attend every week."

The concept of Culture Thursdays began when DJ Rio and Sunny Days Presents noticed a lack in the market for a weekend kickoff. They saw that after Hump Day Wednesdays, people were less enthusiastic about work and dreamed of their weekends. Addressing this, they launched their ultimate weekend kickoff event at the HALCYON Bar + Lounge. Further details can be found at  

Move over, Wednesdays! Thursdays are set to be the new celebratory day of the week!

Good music, great food, beautiful people

The team emphasizes that there will never be a cover charge for any Culture Thursday. Your only requirement is that you enjoy yourself in the Raleigh nightlife and connect with like-minded individuals. Aside from the food and music, you may de-stress at the hookah lounge.

There will be different drink specials each Thursday. Interested guests can follow DJ Rio's official Instagram page to keep themselves updated.

DJ Rio is a club DJ, wedding DJ, photographer, and videographer. He is a popular DJ at K97.5 and regularly launches community events in Raleigh and wherever he is currently staying. 

Need DJ services? Contact [email protected] or visit 

Sunny Days Presents is a notable event organizer in the Raleigh area.

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