Fractional CMO & CFO Network: AI-Based Candidate Search & Low-Risk Hiring

Jul 2, 2024

Whether you’re a startup looking for fractional talent, or an experienced CXO who wants to share your knowledge with the latest generation of businesses, Hyrproz is a unique new platform dedicated to fractional hiring.

Fast & Risk-Free Fractional Hiring

While fractional employment is a more efficient that hiring full-time talent, it can still take a long time to find the right person. Hyrproz allows you to find skilled and experienced C-suite specialists in a matter of seconds, and the platform launches on July 20, 2024.

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The platform has thousands of skilled and experienced CFOs, CTOs, CMOs, all waiting to contribute to the success of your company. AI-based technology connects you with the most suitable candidates based on industry, category, geographic location, skills, and more.

The public launch of Hyrproz follows a closed beta that spanned several quarters, during which they added over 10,000 candidates. By joining the waitlist today, you’ll have first access to the talent pool when it goes public on July 20, 2024.

 "We invite companies and professionals to join the Hyrproz platform as we gear up for our public launch," said the Hyrproz team. "Our mission is to make hiring fast, efficient, and risk-free."

The Benefits of Fractional Hiring

The concept of fractional hiring allows startups and small businesses to benefit from C-suite level experts without the cost of a full-time employee. While fractional staff are classified as contract workers, they differ from regular freelancers in the strategic nature of their input, as well as the more long-term nature of their engagement.

While fractional employment offers greater flexibility, Hyrproz states that it still has several challenges, such as the time it takes to find a suitable candidate, and the risk of hiring someone who doesn’t meet your expectations. The new platform was created to address these difficulties, offering an efficient hiring process, as well as the ability to find a replacement, if required.

Becoming A Fractional CXO

In addition to startups and small businesses, Hyrproz is now welcoming expressions of interest from individuals who feel they have the skills and experience required to become a candidate. The company points out that all participants must pass a vetting process prior to being included.

“Hiring fractional talent offers a degree of flexibility that just isn’t available with traditional employment models,” the company continued. “As more startups and small businesses begin to use fractional hiring, we established Hyrproz as one of the industry’s first dedicated platforms, and we’re super excited to introduce it to the world.”

Whether you’re hiring or want to become a fractional specialist, Hyrproz streamlines the process for startups and candidates alike.

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