Fort Worth Health Insurance Not Doing Well Amid Record-Low Signups

Feb 12, 2020

Health insurance in Fort Worth has seen premiums raised by an average of 12% across the state, causing people to either leave the state, get jobs that offer employer-sponsored health ins

Health Insurance in Fort Worth for enrollment year 2020 is not doing well at all amid a decline in signups for a second straight year. According to data collected by the government, enrollment is at 87,748 this year, a drop of 5,200 people based on last year’s declining numbers. In contrast, national numbers have held steady for the most part at 8.3 million. One reason for the hesitation could be due to concern and apprehension over a double-digit rate hike. Insurers have fled the market and those who stayed have raised premiums by an average of 12%. That has not only resulted in fewer signups but is also leading to people leaving the state and going elsewhere. Those who aren’t leaving are getting jobs that offer health insurance.

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Another reason for the decline in Fort Worth health insurance enrollment could be that people are nervous over the continued bickering on Capitol Hill as lawmakers from both sides debate the future of the Affordable Care Act. Rick Thornton, a health insurance agent in Fort Worth said the reason annual national spending is on pace to hit $6 trillion because of the costs for Medicare and private insurance — even as American use less care. On top of that, millions more Americans don’t health insurance compared to several years ago, and millions more who do have it can’t afford basic medication and services. Thornton says people should be wary of any decision that is handed down, as the results will have consequences for patients, providers, and insurers nationwide.

Lastly, people in the state are becoming increasingly aware that they will not be fined for not having health insurance. The ACA’s individual mandate that people signup or face a penalty was repealed for being unconstitutional. Lawsuits continue to rage on, however, on whether or not it will be reinstated. Red state lawmakers want to overturn the entire ACA.

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