Fort Worth health insurance may be government-led according to naysayers

Oct 27, 2021

Rick Thornton, a Fort Worth health insurance agent, says a new bill backed by the current administration would, if passed, change the scope of healthcare forever. With that said, is it as bad as naysayers make it out to be?

Fort Worth health insurance and the thousands of Americans who have it are paying close attention nowadays as the current administration’s Build Back Better plan continues to move its way through Congress. The plan, which is expected to massively overhaul healthcare as Americans know it, is jammed full of policy changes that opposers say will drive the country closer to a government takeover of healthcare than ever before.

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According to an article by Nina Owcharenko Schaefer in the Daily Signal, Owcharenko Schaefer says slimming down the cost of the massive $3.5 trillion social-welfare spending bill won’t help and added that there are seven ways it will be harder for people with health insurance in Fort Worth to keep their existing health plan without eventually receiving subpar benefits similar to so many existing government-run plans. Those seven ways are, 1) creates a new government-run health plan, 2) expands government subsidies to insurance giants and the rich, 3) undercuts private, employer-based coverage, 4) undermines non-Obamacare options, 5) expands size and scope of Medicaid, 6) puts new obligations on outdated Medicare Program, 7) sets government controls on prescription drugs. “In summary, there’s a common health care thread running throughout the “Build Back Better” plan: Drive out private coverage alternatives and consolidate enrollment in the government-run plans,” Owcharenko Schaefer said. “Trying to slim down the cost or water down the proposals will not resolve those fundamental policy concerns.”

Rick Thornton, a Fort Worth health insurance agent echoed the article when he said that whoever controls the dollars controls the decisions, but he added that it’s too soon to tell how this new spending bill will plan out. An optimist’s mindset says that it’s better to wait and see if cooler heads will prevail.

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