Fort Wayne Trucking Insurance With Liability & Cargo Coverage For Fleet

May 29, 2024

While many companies might be tempted to cut corners when it comes to insurance, if you’re in the transportation business, adequate protection just isn’t optional. Safeguard your employees, vehicles, and cargo with SourceOne Insurance! (260-436-3544)

Struggling to find a good deal on insurance for your commercial trucking business? Looking for a trusted provider who can offer you coverage for all of your essential services including employee health coverage?

Protect your business, drivers, and vehicles against the unexpected with Fort Wayne, IN-based SourceOne Insurance! More details at

Industry Expertise

Enjoy specialist insurance services that cater to the unique needs of the commercial trucking community. With many years of experience in the field and an understanding of the challenges and intricacies of coverage for transportation operatives, SourceOne Insurance helps you balance affordable premiums with optimal protection on the roads.

From fleet insurance to cargo coverage, liability protection, and employee benefits packages, SourceOne is pleased to offer you dependable insurance and responsive customer service that helps keep your vehicles on the road and generating revenue.

Challenging Times

Despite being an essential part of the delivery of everything from fuel to food and healthcare supplies, the transportation and trucking industry in the US has endured a challenging few years. Driver shortages, market saturation, and rising fuel costs alone have seen hundreds of commercial transportation companies fold – the industry experienced a net loss of 29,000 carriers in 2023 as per DAT Freight & Analytics.

Affordable Premiums

By offering you affordable premiums to trucking, SourceOne helps you preserve what are already tight profit margins in the transportation sector. For example, with its fleet coverage solutions, the company provides insurance for multiple vehicles under a single policy which reduces your costs as well as simplifies administration.

Commercial Vehicle Coverage

SourceOne is also a leading provider of commercial vehicle insurance, offering robust coverage for all types of automobiles from delivery vans to semi-articulated trucks. These policies protect against personal injury, property damage, and other associated liabilities that you may incur.

Employee Benefits

These services are complemented by the company's health insurance solutions, helping you attract and retain employees with a comprehensive range of benefits. With compliance now a minefield for business owners, SourceOne also helps you navigate adherence to HSA, HIPAA, and PPA directives among many others.


Cargo insurance can also be arranged. “Given the high-value goods that truckers are often tasked with transporting, a robust cargo insurance policy is non-negotiable,” says a spokesperson. “SourceOne's motor truck cargo insurance helps protect businesses from financial losses that can occur if goods are damaged or lost during transportation.”

For trucking insurance you can be sure of, choose SourceOne!

For more information, call 260-436-3544 or visit 

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