Fort Myers Custom PGT Hurricane Impact Windows & Doors: Contractor Discounts

Jun 13, 2024

Save money on custom quality hurricane-impact windows from Impact Windows Center (772-444-7504)! This reseller offers discounts and has no custom upcharge for Fort Myers contractors.

Discounts on Impact Windows and Doors for Fort Myers' Builders

Are you a builder in Fort Myers? Good news! Impact Windows Center has great discounts on custom hurricane-impact windows and doors for you!

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Impact Windows Center is a reseller of PGT, CGI, ECO and ESW impact windows and doors, offering energy-efficient quality products. And right now you have access to discounts on windows and doors tailored to your size and color without the custom upcharge, helping you complete projects at a competitive rate.

Sturdy Aluminum Frames

Most hurricane-impact windows at Impact Windows Center are built with aluminum frames, a superior material for storm-resistant constructions that don't rust. By providing you with custom doors and windows, Impact Windows Center wants to help you provide Fort Myers with sturdy solutions that don't compromise on style and suit any project.

"It's not just hype. The benefits of insulated impact-resistant windows are backed by science. Their design includes multiple layers of glass and other materials that provide insulation and resist shattering," a company spokesperson said.

Fort Myers at High Risk for Costly Storm Damage

According to Risk Factor, the average maximum wind speeds in Fort Myers are higher today than 30 years ago, and 100% of homes have at least some risk of wind damage. Furthermore, the Office for Coastal Management estimated that the total cost of 28 extreme weather events in 2023 reached $93.1 billion, with one Florida hurricane (Idalia) accounting for $3.6 billion.

Big Selection of Design Options

In Impact Windows Center's selection, you can find horizontal roller and single-hung windows with screens. The products have a tough plastic interlayer between the two glass sheets that primarily provides shatter protection from flying debris but also has a noise-reducing effect.

The build-to-order selection extends to doors of various designs, including French double doors, swing and sliding doors, and single-leaf doors. The doors are made with hurricane-impact glass panes that let in light while providing protection. All products can be customized upon request.

Energy Savings With Insulated Glass

An added benefit of the extra insulation is that it provides more energy efficiency. Depending on factors like the size of the home, the HVAC system, and the insulation of current windows, insulated windows can reduce energy bills by 12% to 33% annually. Your customers are bound to love these multi-solution windows and doors!

"We've never compromised the quality and are also proud to say that our window and door products are American-made and deliver maximum energy efficiency, providing our customers years of lower utility bills and thousands of dollars in energy savings," the company spokesperson said

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