Fort Collins Small Businesses Stand Out On Facebook With This Marketing Team

Jan 11, 2024

Brands that are successful on social media interact regularly with their followers, which helps them gain new customers, build trust, and differentiate from competitors. If you want your Fort Collins business to be one of these brands, get in touch with DIGIMarketeer360 (307-456-4475)!

Did you know that over half of the world's population uses social media platforms? A mind-blowing number, right? Here are some more staggering statistics: the typical social media user spends around 2.5 hours a day scrolling through their feeds! What these figures mean is that the likes of Facebook provide you with a stellar opportunity to build and maintain brand awareness provided that you adopt the right strategy.

If you are doing business in Fort Collins, DIGIMarketeer360 is the team you need for a rock-solid social media strategy. Learn how to arrange a consultation at

With 56% of US and Canadian small businesses now shifting resources to social media marketing, according to an UpCity survey, the digital marketing specialist wants to help you capitalize on social media's huge marketing potential, empowering you to gain visibility and momentum on popular platforms through its social media management service.

Use Social Media Effectively

DIGIMarketeer360 will manage your social media accounts and produce and distribute engaging, relevant content that resonates with your brand goals and audience needs. For each strategy that the agency creates, the team takes into account the algorithms, trends, and best practices specific to each social media platform, making it possible to foster trust and credibility, drive traffic and conversions, and gain a competitive edge on the channels your business is present.

"Don’t get left behind in the new era of social media and brand building," a spokesperson for the agency says. "We can help you build a significant presence on all the big social platforms to set yourself apart from competitors."

Adopt A Clear & Consistent Social Media Marketing Strategy

DIGIMarketeer360 acknowledges that for a business to achieve tangible results from social media marketing, they need to follow a clear and consistent plan to inform their actions and decisions. As such, the team will craft an effective, cohesive strategy for your business to showcase your brand value proposition and make sure your message stands out. With the right social media strategy in place, you have the opportunity to promote a compelling brand story to connect with your audience on a deeper level, cutting through social media noise and differentiating yourself from competitors.

Maintain Your Reputation

The digital marketing experts will also help you deal with negative comments and reviews of your business, averting potential crises promptly to protect your brand's reputation and authority while ensuring your customers feel listened to and valued.

About DIGIMarketeer360

Comprising a team of 20 digital marketing specialists, DIGIMarketeer360 helps small businesses speed up brand growth through custom marketing strategies designed to spark consumers' attention and convert leads into customers. In addition to social media marketing and management, the agency also specializes in content creation, SEO, brand design, website development, lead generation, and automation.

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