Fontana Storage & Reefer Containers Rentals: Get Next-Day Ground Delivery

Jun 7, 2024

Conexwest (855 878-5233) is proud to be bringing Fontana & Los Angeles next-day deliveries of their extensive range of storage containers. Whatever your storage needs are, Conexwest will sort them with a smile.

If you’re looking for ✔ high-quality, secure normal and cold storage containers, ✔ flexible rentals, ✔ impeccable customer services, ✔ and fast ground delivery, Conexwest ticks all the boxes.

If you’re in Fontana, or Los Angeles, Conexwest has the container you need. Find it at

Conexwest Does ISO Container, Cold Storage Container & Mobile Office Rentals

Conexwest offers one of the largest range of standard storage containers, reefer and cold storage containers, and mobile offices in California, all of which are now available for quick delivery, and next-day delivery if you're in Fontana or Los Angeles. This includes for their top-rented 20ft Single Phase Refrigerated Container, which is in high demand throughout the summer season.

Conexwest is pleased to be improving their rental and delivery services in order to give you a more convenient and dependable storage solution. They appreciate that your storage needs can change quickly and without warning, and that fast, easy and adaptable solutions are often needed.

Conexwest Provides Next-Day Ground Deliveries

If you want to rent one of their standard or cold storage containers in the Fontana or Los Angeles areas, you will now be eligible for their next-day deliveries.

You will also be able to take advantage of their flexible rentals, which you can end—and then have collected by Conexwest—at any time, and their ground delivery service whereby their delivery team will place the container at the exact site you specify.

As the storage container providers fabricate and carry a wide range of container, from 10 to 45 feet in size, they also have several delivery solutions. This includes tilt-bed trucks if you're renting a smaller container and crane trucks if you're after a larger container or need precision or elevated placement.

The logistics team at Conexwest is well-versed in deliveries and can preview your delivery route and site beforehand to confirm it can be completed seamlessly.

Their team believes their new next-day delivery service simply reinforces their ongoing commitment to high-quality products and high-level customer service. “Conexwest transforms a basic service into a customer experience,” said their representative. “At Conexwest, we have a dedicated logistics and delivery team who helps our customers to plan better and operate smarter.”

Conexwest Creates Personalized Solutions & Fabricates Custom Containers

Conexwest can also fabricate a custom container for you, whether to rent or to buy. While custom fit-outs are not available on a next-day basis, the storage container provider’s skilled fabrication team works to tight deadlines.

Their representative added, “Conexwest strives to deliver the highest quality products and services to meet the demand and expectations of our valued customers. We pursue excellence and exceed industry standards because simply, #WeBuildItBetter.

Not only does Conexwest build it better, they rent and deliver it better.

Find out why they’re the best in the West in storage containers at

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