Fontana, CA Heavy Duty Shipping Container Locks Recommended By Conexwest

Jun 25, 2024

Not sure which type of lock is best for protecting the goods inside your shipping container? Then have a read of Conexwest’s (855 878-5233) new guide outlining the best locks for shipping container security.

As Beyonce once so nearly sang, "If you like what's in your shipping container put a lock on it!" This is advice Fontana, CA-based shipping and storage container rental company Conexwest certainly co-signs! In their new guide, they review four different types of shipping container locks — Heavy Duty Container Locks, Cargo Container Locks, Cargo Door Lockboxes, and Roll-Up Door Lockboxes — and highlight the benefits that each of them provides. They also share the three most important characteristics you need to consider when choosing shipping container lock solutions.

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Heavy Duty Container Locks

According to the guide, one of the sturdiest and most reliable locks on the market is a Heavy Duty Container Lock. Typically made from hardened steel, these locks have alloy pins that prevent them from being sawed, cut, or drilled. While there are many brands of Heavy Duty Container Lock to choose from, Conexwest recommends the ABUS Heavy Duty Padlock.

“Whether you’re securing expensive belongings, warehouse stock, construction equipment, or other valuable items, the ABUS Heavy Duty Padlock gets the job done,” explains the author of the guide. “It’s easy to close, even with one hand, and it smoothly pops open thanks to its internal activation spring.”

Cargo Container Locks

Another effective shipping container lock is a Cargo Container Lock. Constructed with 2-2.5 inch square tube steel and 3/16-inch thick walls, these versatile locks can be used to secure doors on almost any semi-trailer or sea container. Conexwest points out that most Cargo Container Locks also come with a 4-digit passcode, adding an extra layer of security.

Cargo Door & Roll-Up Door Lockboxes

To eliminate tampering altogether, Conexwest suggests you get a Cargo Door Lockbox or Roll-Up Door Lockbox. These implements essentially act as shields for the locks themselves, preventing criminals from accessing them with bolt cutters or other lock removal tools.

Things To Consider

No matter which type of lock you decide to go with for your shipping container, Conexwest reminds you to select one that is both weather-resistant and drill-protected. Furthermore, they encourage you to go with a lock that has a high CEN rating, which is the universal scale used to rank lock security levels.

A GRADE 6 lock offers the highest level of security possible, while a GRADE 1 lock provides the lowest level. Generally speaking, for shipping containers, you shouldn't be using any locks lower than GRADE 4, as this is considered the cutoff for "high-security".

“At Conexwest, we supply shipping containers, mobile offices, military blast containers, and stackable buildings to clients who require the absolute highest-grade solutions on the market,” says the author. “But containers are only as safe and secure as the locks that protect them, which is why you should invest in one of the many devices discussed in our guide.”

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