Fontana, CA Cold Storage Containers: Get Insulated Energy-Efficient Reefers

May 2, 2024

Conexwest (888-759-0596), one of the biggest names in shipping containers in Fontana, Los Angeles, and California, now offers a wide range of cold storage reefer containers.

Whether it’s flowers you need to keep from wilting, milk you need to keep from curdling, or medicines you need to keep, you want Conexwest's reliable, affordable and built-for-purpose cold storage.

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Get A Cold Storage Container For Your Needs

Conexwest has a huge selection of insulated cold storage reefer containers that you can choose to own or rent.

With sizes ranging from 10 to 45ft, the storage container fabricators and retailers are confident they can offer you the highest quality and most extensive line of cold storage options.

Whatever your food or product storage needs are, Conexwest is also confident they have a cold storage container to suit. For both purchase and rental, they have refrigerated containers which you can run at temperatures between -20 and -70 degrees Fahrenheit, blast freezers that you can run at -40 to -70 Fahrenheit, and new blast freezers and deep freezers that can go as low as -76 degrees Fahrenheit.

Choose A Custom Reefer Container

Conexwest fabricates all their containers from the highest-quality materials, and uses the most energy-efficient insulation to bring you an affordable purchase or rental price, and long-term savings on your energy usage. 

A representative for Conexwest said, “Conexwest has dedicated shipping container fabrication shops in Los Angeles, California to ensure top-quality production for years of use. We staff full-time, highly skilled technicians and craftsmen. Our team receives continual training all year round on the latest container trends and technology. If you can imagine it, we can build it better. Conexwest promises your shipping container is of the highest quality.”

If you have top-of-the-line cold storage needs, Conexwest is now also a licensed retailer and installer of the Thermo King MAGNUM Plus Reefer Unit, which is available for purchase only.

Conexwest: Quality Containers & Customer Service

As Conexwest not only rents and sells but fabricates their containers in-house, they can also offer you a complete customization service. Their passionate and knowledgeable team will spend time getting to know your business and your cold storage needs and requirements so they can find the right storage solution for you.

Conexwest will also handle the full delivery and installation process, and if you’re based in Fontana or Los Angeles, same-day or next-day delivery is possible.

In addition to reefer containers, Conexwest makes, rents and retails a full range of standard shipping containers and fully fitted-out mobile offices, and they encourage you to speak to their team about all their storage solutions.

Thanks to Conexwest, you’ll always be able to keep your cool!

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