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Apr 5, 2024

Web TV Wire is your source for all things streaming, content creation, and digital entertainment news!

The New Global Obsession

How much of your day do you spend watching content online? If you're anything like me (which, statistically, you are) then the answer probably falls somewhere between "way too much" and "way, WAY too much". In fact, the average person spends nearly 7 HOURS PER DAY in front of a screen connected to the internet. We work online, we play online, we socialize online - and this is only going to become more true as time goes on.

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Of course, I'm not here to suggest that ALL screen time is bad. Not only would that be hypocritical, it would also be flat-out untrue! I've had some incredible experiences as a participant in the global content ecosystem, and you probably have as well.

As the content industry continues to grow, though, doesn't something feel slightly... off? As if nothing stays the same for very long, as if everything is constantly in flux? One minute, our favorite shows are on Netflix, the next - they're gone! - Poof! - only to reappear months later behind a paywall on an entirely different platform.

How are we supposed to keep track of all this craziness? That's the same question that the folks behind Web TV Wire asked a few months ago, and it is the exact question that their site was created to answer!

Your Entertainment News Source

Web TV Wire has been launched to give you an unfiltered look at the state of the content industry in 2024. Their authors each provide a unique perspective on the most recent developments coming out of the digital entertainment space, presented in a digestible, succinct format.

Recent topics covered by the site include:

  • Yahoo’s intention to compete with YouTube in the video market
  • The ongoing changes to the Twitch ToS
  • Acquisitions made by Netflix and other streaming platforms
  • New collaborations between the gaming and television industries

These changes shape the landscape of content creation, and they will be continuously covered by Web TV Wire as the situations evolve further.

The other primary focus of the new Web TV Wire site is to help readers like you find their favorite shows as they continue to move between streaming platforms. They cover animated programs, classic sitcoms like Seinfeld, films, miniseries, and more in their efforts to keep up with the increasingly fractured streaming landscape.

An Ever-Changing Market

The online content market is one of the most lucrative and fastest-growing sectors in the world, which naturally leads to tumultuous conditions across the industry. Despite its chaotic nature, however, the sector is still projected to surpass a $250 billion valuation in the next 5 years without factoring in the online advertising market, which is already worth over $500 billion in 2024.

News You Can Use

While the site was only recently launched, they have already published hundreds of articles and will continue to expand as time goes on to maintain this pace. As entertainment continues to move online, covering the many different spaces that make up digital content creation in an honest way will become even more important than it already is, which is why Web TV Wire should be your #1 source for all online content news.

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