Follow These 30 Plus Tips On Increasing Your Bench Press Strength In This Guide

Jun 3, 2020

Are you a beginner in the bench press workout arena? Looking to increase your chest strength? Then check out Fitness Fahrenheit’s newest workout guide. You won’t be disappointed!

If you’re interested in increasing your bench press strength by varying weights then Fitness Fahrenheit can help you. This fitness center’s chest and pecs workout program will help you reach your goals in no time!

Boston Fitness Center, Fitness Fahrenheit has announced the release of its new guide. It is designed the guide bodybuilders, weight lifters, and like-minded persons on how to increase strength from doing bench presses.

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Compiled by Army veteran Koji Preston, the guide first highlights the fact that being able to bench press a ton of weights is one of the goals of many in the fitness-conscious community. In fact, Koji observes, many see bench press as being the epitome of strength.

“A good bench press is the cornerstone of many weight lifters repertoire. It not only results in a muscular chest. But, it also works out many other major muscle groups. It is an ideal form to master as you go along your weight lifting journey,” the fitness expert states.

The guide notes that learning how to increase bench press strength is not as simple as it first appears. This is because there are many different methods to effectively working the bench press. 

That being said, Koji goes on to address over 30 different tips on how to increase your bench press strength. These facts, he professed, are “tried and true methods for taking your strength to the next level”.

The first tip the guide addresses is that of training the chest all alone. In this regard, Koji states that a day should be set aside to focus solely on working the muscles in your chest.

“The supporting muscles in the bench press, the triceps and shoulders, shouldn’t be hit before you work the chest muscles…They also shouldn’t be trained in the 48 hours before your chest workout. The tris and delts do need to be prepared specially to improve your bench. But chest day should be the day you get your pecs devastated all by themselves,” he advised.

Other tips highlighted in the guide include warming up, taking care of your rotator cuff, breathing properly to maximize your body’s effort, keeping the elbows tucked to protect the shoulders, and positioning yourself correctly on the bench every time. Also addressed are tips such as engaging the legs, abs, and glutes for increased stability, mixing up rep speed, using the pause rest method, varying rest periods, and using the incline and decline positions to ensure that all areas of the chest are targeted.

The guide also gives tips on how to press different measures of weights including, 50, 25, and 100 pounds. It is aimed at helping both beginners and experienced individuals who want to increase size, increase body mass, or to simply have a bigger chest.

You can click on the link above for further information.

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