FMO Offers Web Hosting & Marketing Support For Independent Medicare Brokers

Jun 8, 2024

Are you entering the Medicare market as an independent broker? The Trusted American Insurance agency can provide the back-office support you need to be successful, regardless of your niche.

Starting Your Medicare Sales Journey

Medicare Advantage Plan enrollment is at an all-time high right now, and it seems as though the sign-up rate will only continue to go up. As more and more Americans age into the program and choose Medicare as their primary source of insurance, the earning potential of the brokers who connect those individuals with their policies also increases. Truly, it has never been a better time to be an independent Medicare broker.

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If you are considering a lucrative career as an independent Medicare broker, you don't have to go it alone. Trusted American Insurance Agency can provide you with all the support necessary to be successful, from marketing to web hosting and beyond.

Trusted American Insurance Agency

As your back-office partner, TAIA will facilitate the licensing and certification required to get started in the industry, and will then help you build out your range of offerings by putting you in touch with leading providers. Whether you are entirely new to Medicare, or just trying to break away from the restrictive requirements that working in-house may impose, their agency can help you start making sales sooner.

Comprehensive Web Hosting

With Trusted American Insurance Agency, creating a website for your independent brokerage could not be easier. They offer a wide range of modern, mobile-friendly templates to get you started, making the creation of your custom brand fast and easy.

When you partner with the agency, you will be able to establish your online presence almost instantly, and continuously cultivate your professional image, all with minimal intervention on your part. Their team not only assists in the creation of the initial web content, but will also provide ongoing support in the form of content updates, blog posts, and other continuous improvements.

Additional Services

In addition to web hosting, the agency offers a comprehensive onboarding procedure to get you started quickly, which includes the necessary certifications and training to sell a wide range of Medicare products. Their team also hosts live training specific to many of America’s largest insurance providers, allowing you to market a wider range of products than would otherwise be possible.

Overall, Trusted American Insurance Agency seeks to foster a faster development process for the agents they partner with, while also supporting those individuals as they progress through their journey. The tools and resources they offer are intended as an all-in-one field marketing home base for independent agents across all Medicare niches.

One client stated, “The staff at TAIA are top-notch professionals and very supportive. They are readily available to answer any questions I have and provide access to the resources I need to get the job done - from quoting tools to scripts, to business card design and so much more.”

To begin the onboarding and licensing process, visit the link below. A full calendar of the agency’s live training sessions can also be found there alongside a range of free resources for new and established independent Medicare brokers.

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