Florida Professional Interstate Movers Give Tips For Choosing A Moving Dolly!

Jul 7, 2024

Are you getting ready for a big move? MoveMe Smart can help you plan your long-distance relocation, thanks to their series of practical moving guides.

Whether you've done it just once, or ten times before - you know moving is one of the most stressful things you can experience! To help you stay calm and avoid the risk of physical injury, MoveMe Smart has released a series of handy moving guides.

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For instance, the organization takes a close look at the different types of moving dollies available and explains how you can make the most of them to help prevent injury during your upcoming relocation.

Prevent Physical Injury

With a recognition of how intensely stressful an interstate move can be for individuals or families, MoveMe Smart’s guide explains the uses for furniture, appliance, platform, and stair climbing dollies, as well as hand trucks.

A recent study published in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation shows that up to 64% of people who conduct a residential move develop some type of injury, most often related to the back or spinal cord. As part of an extended series of moving guides from MoveMe Smart, the latest guide explains how moving dollies can work effectively to protect you and your loved ones against strains.

Reduce Stress Levels

“Moving can be a difficult task, calling for mindful preparation, organization, and physical effort,” says a spokesperson. “Nonetheless, with the right devices and tools, such as moving dollies, you can streamline the process and make it much more effective.”

To help you understand what a moving dolly is and the functions it serves, the guide starts with a brief overview of the equipment, noting that all dollies typically contain a level platform or structure mounted on wheels.

According to the guide, furniture dollies are particularly designed to manage heavy or bulky pieces of furniture during the moving process They have a bigger platform and strong construction to accommodate different weights and sizes, as well as carpeted surfaces to help avoid damaging your valuable furniture.

Keep Items Safe

Sometimes called a “fridge dolly,” an appliance dolly has been developed to move large household appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, driers, and oven ranges. Appliance dollies usually have a customized strap or harness system to keep items safely in place, as well as pneumatic wheels to absorb shocks.

The MoveMe Smart team explains that a hand truck, or sack truck, is an upright, portable, lightweight structure with two wheels at the base, most typically using for moving smaller boxes, pet crates, or small furniture pieces.

Finally, a stair-climbing dolly has been specially created to go up and down stairs with heavy items, allowing for the loading process to go smoothly.

Make sure your move goes well - check out the advice and top tips from the experts at MoveMe Smart!

Interested parties can find more information and read the full series of moving guides at https://movemesmart.com

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