Florida Dental Practice Media Content: Human-Developed Brand Awareness Campaigns

May 31, 2024

How visible is your Florida dental practice when someone searches online? Locally-based digital marketing agency KNY Web offers unique done-for-you media content campaigns to build your online visibility and reputation.

Feature On Trusted Media Outlets

Imagine if your Florida dental practice appeared on trusted news websites, like Business Insider, AP, and Google News. That’s exactly what KNY Web can achieve, and you don’t need to be a writer or a digital marketing expert.

Go to https://knyweb.com/ for more information.

A team of specialist writers – yes, real people – creates your campaign, which will include news articles, infographics, videos, and more. You just tell them the services you want to target, like teeth whitening, or implants, and they get to work creating your campaign.

A key feature of the new service is the ability to reach a large audience using a distribution network of 400+ well-known websites. By featuring your practice across so many platforms, KNY Web increases your online footprint, and also builds trust with potential clients.

“We create consistent ultra-specific content about your business that is distributed to hundreds of websites and platforms in 6 different media formats,” a company representative explained. “This content attracts hyper-targeted traffic to your business by building authority and online exposure.”

Visibility With Google

Earlier this year, Google rolled out its most significant core algorithm revision to date, which focused on reducing the amount of low-quality content in search results. The company stated that it aims to promote more content that has been developed by and for humans, and that offers real value to platform users.

KNY Web explains that Google visibility is an important aspect of any marketing approach, and the firm’s human-developed campaigns align closely with Google’s preference for genuine and authentic materials. The agency also points out that Google often gives greater weighting to content that is published on trusted websites, which forms another aspect of the new service.

About KNY Web

Recognizing that many dental practices have limited time or expertise to focus on content marketing, KNY Web developed its new service to be an affordable ‘done-for-you’ solution. The firm continues to foster new distribution partnerships, with further additions expected in the coming months.

“These campaigns have catapulted our business to new heights,” one therapist recently stated. “We’ve gone for one bed at half capacity to three beds that are almost fully booked. As a result, we’ve had to hire two additional therapists to meet the demand. It’s simply amazing.”

For high-quality content developed by and for humans, contact the Florida-based team at KNY Web.

Check out https://knyweb.com/ so you can learn more.

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