Fitness brand EXOUS Bodygear announce today that all refund requests for their personal items such be given to a charitable home or donation instead of a return to help people in need for Knee Pain

Apr 12, 2017

EXOUS Bodygear announce new charitable donation policy for the EX-701 knee brace and EX-277 knee sleeve products

EXOUS Bodygear today announced a new returns policy for all of the purchases made for the EX-701 knee support brace and EX-277 knee sleeves. The company instead of asking for the item to be returned for either a refund or replacement now are asking customers who are either not a good fit for the products or are unhappy with the purchase to donate the item to a local charitable cause or charity shop. The customer is refunded in full based on good will and email exchange.

" We came up with this policy because we know that a brace or support for an knee problem is not a one size fits all solution, often customers do not fit the maximum suggested size or simply the knee condition is not being helped by external bracing and needs to be returned. Instead of asking our customers to send the knee brace back which would incur postage costs and additional time we ask them for a good will gesture to pass the product on to a person in need or a charitable local store or organization where we know a person suffering from knee pain can make good use of the product. The response from our customers has been very positive." Mannie Kaur brand manager had said.

The brand had been testing the new policy at the start of 2017 for the past 3 months of the first quarter towards its support and brace type products in their product portfolio which are sold through and

The EX-701 Knee support brace is made by EXOUS Bodygear and is an option for patella tendon pain and knee pain that requires both knee joint support as well as patella isolation. Knee sleeves can also be an option for less severe knee pain. More can be found on the EX-701 here

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