First Aid CPR Safety Training Services Announces The Launch of Emergency Medical Training in Santa Monica

Jan 31, 2017

First Aid CPR Safety Training Services announces their on-site training programs at the facilities in Santa Monica. The firm is also able to offer the training at the client’s place of employment or residence. The modules cover key aspects of basic first aid and emergency care, assistance for choking, CPR and many other areas of medical care.

First Aid CPR Safety Training Services announces training sessions in FIRST AID, CPR, AED, and BLS at their Santa Monica center. They also offer on-site training in LA and the surrounding areas, Long Beach, Torrance, West LA, Sherman Oaks, etc. Sessions are available for individuals and groups

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A medical emergency can hit at any time and usually without warning. In places such as residential areas, construction sites and anywhere else that is far away from a hospital, knowing CPR and emergency first aid can sometimes make the difference between life and death or at the least, a serious and permanent injury.

First Aid CPR Safety Training Services provides an invaluable service by providing CPR certification for lay people and healthcare providers to confidently provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), automated external defibrillator (AED) training and skilled first aid and choking aid. The instructors have a firm commitment to excellence and are well aware of the significance of what they are doing.

The instructors at First Aid CPR Safety Training Services are certified by the American Heart Association. This ensures that the best practices that are taught are in sync with other first-responders and always up to date with the most recent information and techniques. Students who have enrolled in these courses have reported having saved many lives.

First Aid CPR Safety Training Services instructors are trained to provide a variety of courses to civilians. The latter can be school and college teachers, factory supervisors, HR staff, child care workers and providers and even just the man on the street. The courses are very attractively priced, making them accessible to anyone.

First Aid CPR Safety Training Services offers courses for healthcare professionals who need to get re-certified and for lay people with no medical knowledge. Some of their components including choking assistance for infants, children and adults, first aid and injury basics, CPR, rescue breathing, AED usage and a host of others.

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