Fired by Your Digital Agency Because of AI? Start Your Own with the Help of AI

May 28, 2024

Creatives in the industry are the first casualties of generative AI like ChatGPT and Midjourney. One marketing specialist, however, is urging those impacted by AI to view it as a business partner rather than an enemy.

When ChatGPT was introduced, it was met by creatives around the world with groans instead of excitement—and who could blame them?

Just a few months after it debuted, a large ad agency in China made headlines for laying off its writers and artists and replacing them with generative AI.

“AI taking over creative work is unprecedented,” said Caterina Christakos of digital marketing agency Cats Tech Talk. “Recall that prior to the pandemic, it was drivers and waiters who were worried about automatons taking their jobs.”

True enough, in 2019, AI was the boogeyman for blue-collar workers. According to forecasts at the time, about 36 million Americans employed as blue-collar workers were at high risk of being replaced by machines. Now, the World Economic Forum is saying that driving, agricultural work, machinery repair, and other similar jobs requiring “physical dexterity” are the ones considered safe and expected to see further growth this decade.

So, should creatives just give up, drop their styluses, and pick up a hammer or get behind the steering wheel? Caterina said that despite the doom and gloom, the human element in creative work is still indispensable, and surviving the AI takeover will only require a shift in perspective.

Two Can Play the AI Game

“What these big-name agencies have not realized yet is that they’re inadvertently creating competitors, as everyone has access to the same AI tools they are using,” Caterina said. “Got fired? Start your one-person agency and take on your former employer.”

In a recent post, Caterina delved into the rise of AI software that can perform multiple tasks, including content creation, email marketing, and graphic design, and how creatives can use these tools to kick-start their own businesses.

While she admits that one-person operations are not a novel idea, AI-powered agency tools have made it easier for creatives focused on one or two skills to take on roles they would traditionally outsource.

Regarding the issue of oversaturation due to the ease of accessing these integrated tools, Caterina emphasized the need for specialization. "A digital agency that applies AI to a focused niche can deliver superior value," she wrote, adding that human creativity will be a key ingredient in setting apart one's work from AI concoctions that are starting to look samey.

"AI fatigue is starting to set in, and creatives can use that to their advantage," she added. "AI is accessible to all; use it to deliver work that can only come from your creativity."

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