Find Your Way Back To Love & Harmony With Couples Therapy In Manhattan, NY

Oct 27, 2021

If you are in an unhappy relationship or marriage, Manhattan’s spiral2grow (917-692-3867) is now providing their expert couples therapy in virtual sessions, as well as in person.

Relationship problems tend to bleed out and negatively impact every part of our life. If left ignored, they can also be irreparable. That’s why spiral2grow wants to make it as easy as possible for you and your significant other to get help by providing couples counseling NYC

Through their sessions, couples will learn how to identify areas of constructive change to move past previous hurts and move towards a more functional and harmonious relationship. 

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The launch of their virtual sessions coincides with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, which continues to change the way we communicate, live and work. 

The pandemic has also been a negative factor for many couples, exacerbating underlying problems by creating a high-stress cohabitation environment. As such, it has led to a spike in divorces and breakups across the US. 

In the wake of these difficult times, spiral2grow wants to provide you with more options to acknowledge and address the problems that may be fracturing your relationship.  

The expert therapists at the clinic understand that when people face challenges in their core romantic relationship it can lead to overwhelming feelings of anger, despair and loneliness. 

That’s why, in both their virtual and face-to-face sessions, they take an interdisciplinary and comprehensive approach to understanding and healing the nuanced problems experienced in your relationship. 

Focusing on you, both as a couple and individually, spiral2grow employs their patented Strategic Couples Therapy model. This model focuses on aspects of the relationship like communication, behavioral patterns, power imbalances, intimacy, and sexuality. 

They then empower you by helping you develop the skills to identify and break vicious cycles, resolve conflicts and decrease your emotional reactivity. 

Beyond addressing and healing the causes of conflict, tension and heartache that a new couple presents with in their first session, spiral2grow counselors also focus on how you can actively build and develop intimacy and mutual respect.

This will allow both you and your partner to feel valued, understood and loved in the long term.

spiral2grow is a licensed marriage and family therapist that strives to provide best-practice therapy for couples and individuals. Their expert counselors take a practical and solution-focused approach that allows patients to enhance their wellbeing, relationships and quality of life. 

A spokesperson for the clinic said, “Relationship counseling is designed to help couples have a better relationship by facilitating communication, conflict resolution and problem solving in a safe, objective and constructive atmosphere. The goal of couples coaching is to help you build and maintain trust, learn relationship skills and develop a satisfying and fulfilling relationship.” 

Having a loving, trusting and accepting romantic relationship can be one of life’s greatest sources of happiness. Let the expert therapists at spiral2grow put you on the path to romantic harmony today. 

Visit if you’d like to begin the journey towards healing your relationship.

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