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Mar 19, 2017

Contemporary jewelry, ancient technique, and unique combination of materials result in stylish lucturative handmade art work such as necklaces, bracelets and fabulouse set of earings.

Finding a unique jewelry can be quite exhausting, but one can imagine how satisfying it can be to finally truly find and "adore" the one selected necklace, bracelet or set of earrings. Since taste and choices can be quite subjective, as jewelries are known to be "a matter of taste", a story about a special combination of method, materials and artistic aspects are brought here revealing the magical world of Flame Work (Lampworking).

A combination of Glass and Gold; can be quite unique, and even controversial; As an ancient technique is used for producing beads made of glass gently wrapping 24k gold foil in it, this opens up a whole new world of concept for creating perfectly unique jewelries.

As the glass is used in different crafts while gold is mostly used for making jewelry, today, this article will focus on glass and gold crafts together, as a whole. There was a time when people loved to have gold jewelry only. But the trend has been changed a bit. People now tend to search for jewelry which is different; here is a discussion about jewelry made from gold and glass collectively.

At the end of 2016, many jewelry manufacturers included glass in their jewelry. They all got an awesome response from people especially women as everyone wants change. Gold itself is something which is used in different things for beautification as well as glass. So, one can imagine how these two things would combine to give out a fabulous jewelry art.

Glass jewelry is very delicate. Also, it can be made in bold style and add charm to match one's personality. Many glass jewelry makers beautify the glass by giving it a shade. Handmade beads combining glass with other lucrative elements such as gold, silver sterling and precious stones can create absolutely stunning Glass Jewelries. Handmade lamp work glass beads can be formed into a creation of an amazing necklace, bracelet, or a set of earrings.

Unlike gold, the glass used for jewelry comes in various forms and shapes. The method of making out glass jewelry is quite interesting. Many glass jewelry makers melt and blend different colors into the glass and give it a unique form.

Glass and gold jewelry designs took over the jewelry market for a couple of time. Men and women both are looking out for earrings, bracelet, rings, watches and other items made entirely from glass and gold. There are only a few methods of which these two elements can be combined to make awesome jewelry or crafts. Lampworking and flame working are the techniques which are used to combine glass and gold together.

Lampworking is a method in which the glass rods and tubes are heated. The glass is then melted in the flame of a torch which is gas and oxygen powered. The torch worker has a control on how the glass is going to melt.

At present, artists are getting interested in making their glass pieces mounted by gold bezels to make the centerpiece of the jewelry. Not just that, they are used collectively to make different jewelry items. Many gold and glass rings, pendants, beads and other things are grabbing the attention of people. The best part is that this jewelry type is not too common.

Imagine 24k Gold Foil gently wrapped into glass hand-made beads. Lucky enough the internet has "changed the rules" and these rare pieces are now available.

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