Find The Safest Auto Repair Shop In Blaine By Visiting Dalton Collision’s New Website

Jan 15, 2017

You can ensure your car is repaired to the highest safety standards by visiting Blaine based Dalton Collision. Their technicians are highly skilled and are certified to carry out repairs to the strict standards set by vehicle manufacturers.

Blaine based Dalton Collision, auto collision repair specialists, have launched a new website. Dalton Collision offer vehicle repair services carried out by highly trained technicians who are certified to carry out repairs according to the strict standards set by vehicle manufacturers.

For more information please visit:

Dalton Collision offers a tradition of service and expertise that comes from over twenty years of experience. The website explains that their customers will have the advantage of the latest is high tech collision equipment operated by highly skilled technicians.

Serving the greater Knoxville area and eastern surrounding counties, Dalton Collision state that they work with all major insurance companies and participate in Direct Repair Programs for most of these insurers. This program helps to shorten the time it takes to get vehicles repaired.

The company is focused on customer safety and invest heavily in training their technicians to ensure this safety. The California Bureau of Automotive Repair found that 60% of vehicle reinspected vehicles were found to have mistakes, putting lives at risk.

Dalton Collision state that their technicians are trained and certified to repair vehicles to the strict standards put in place by vehicle manufacturers. By choosing a certified repair facility like Dalton Collision, customers can be sure that the repairs carried out will be safe and complete. Their technicians are certified to carry out repairs on Chrysler, Honda, Nissan, Infiniti and Hyundai vehicles.

Once an estimate has been carried out, the customers vehicle then starts its repair journey at the state of the art repair facility. The trained technicians take steps to ensure all problems and damage is identified before repair work commences.

When the vehicle is repaired it then goes through the finishing process. The next step is sanding, masking and spraying carried out by experts to ensure a perfect surface. They use premium PPG waterborne paints, which are backed by a lifetime nationwide guarantee.

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