Find The Safest Auto Repair In San Diego By Visiting Body Shop Express’s New Website

Jan 14, 2017

Look after your family’s safety by seeking out the safest auto collision repair shop in San Diego. Body Shop Express put your safety number one and invest heavily in training their staff to carry out the safest and best repairs that are covered by a lifetime guarantee.

Body Shop Express, a San Diego auto repair specialist, have launched a new website. Their website details the car repair services they offer and they also place a special emphasis on customer safety.

For more information please visit:

Body Shop Express are experts in the vehicle collision repair industry and their site explains that they work to simple business principles. These principles are treating people properly, providing accurate vehicle estimates and investing in heir team in order to always improve.

Safety repair is their top priority and they state that this starts with their team. They attract the best staff as they are leaders in their industry and they state that they invest heavily in training so their customers get the highest quality repairs.

They repair every cars as though their own families would be driving it. The company also offers a lifetime guarantee on any repair work that they perform. The owners ad creators of Body Shop Express have the exclusive North American distribution rights to Gas Catalytic Robotic Drying Technology and are the co creators of a process utilizing Theory of Constraint Methodology.

When a customer takes their vehicle to Body Shop Express they are first met by the front office staff and the estimatesteam who will take the time to break down and analyze the vehicle so the customer can make the right decision.

Body Shop Express is a certified collision repair facility and this ensures that they adhere to the strict repair standards set in place by different car manufacturers. The site explains that it's important to select a certified repair shop as the California Bureau of Automotive repair found that 60% of reinspected vehicles were found to have mistakes.

The different car manufacturers standards that the repair shop adhere to are Honda, Ford, Chrysler, Fiat, Nissan, Infiniti and Hyundai. those wishing to find out more can visit the website on the above link and use the contact form provided.

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