Find The Right Birmingham, MI Moving Company For State-To-State Family Moves

May 29, 2024

Moving out of state? Keep costs low on professional services from a top Birmingham, MI, moving company by using the directory, and be sure to read their latest “how-to” guide on decluttering your home before you start the packing process.

You can't get to where you want to go in life without a goal. Defining your moving goals before packing up the home is no different. If you've got a big, state-to-state move out of your Birmingham family home ahead of you, read the new article titled Your Guide to Declutter Your House Before Moving to make the process faster, more organized, and a whole lot simpler.

YOUR STATE-TO-STATE MOVE MADE SIMPLE helps you streamline what can otherwise be a chaotic and time-consuming moving process. As a national resource and directory with a local focus, the platform is home to a comprehensive library of helpful moving tips and guides, and also offers an up-to-date list of vetted and insured moving companies with the experience you need. Get up to seven free quotes from your favorite moving company candidates directly from the platform!

THE BEST WAY TO DECLUTTER YOUR HOME BEFORE MOVING says the first step in preparing for your upcoming move is to sort items into specific categories, including a junk pile, sell pile, and donate pile.

Right away this can help you keep your overall moving costs down, can reduce your packing time, can be a great way to earn extra cash on items slated to be sold. This is also a thoughtful way of making functional kitchen appliances, non-perishable foods, and other useful items accessible to others through charitable donations.

A spokesperson for explains:

“Decluttering your home can be the toughest part of the moving process if it’s not approached in a well-planned way. Our guide covers every phase of the decluttering process to make a potentially overwhelming task completely manageable.”


One helpful insider trick that can prevent items from being mistakenly thrown away is to inspect each room in your house, including closets and cabinets, while listing all items destined to be packed and moved. This process also helps with calculating your packing materials and can set the stage for a successful sorting process.

The next step is the actual decluttering process. provides a full range of helpful tips for conquering each room, including the timely removal of unnecessary food items from cabinets and freezers and donating unneeded kitchen appliances and non-perishable foods.

When it comes to important documents, you'll want everything to be as organized as possible so when you're in your new home you can quickly access what you need without sorting through boxes of folders and bills. By separating your documents into vital, recent, and shred piles, you'll know where everything is, and you won't need to waste time combing through old papers, faded recipe cards, outdated contracts, invalid coupons—you get the picture.

And don't forget those expired medications! No one needs stacks of pill blister packs or pouches of powders dating back to the 20th century taking up valuable space in your moving boxes. Be sure to safely discard these types of items so they don't end up where they should not be down the line.

And here's a Pro Tip: Create a checklist of items to be sold. You'd be surprised at how many of the things you no longer have any use for can command a pretty penny when listed on eBay or showcased at a garage sale. Think about:

  • Unused tools
  • Comics
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Paintings
  • Plants
  • Hair appliances
  • Electronic devices
  • Furniture
  • Crystal and glassware you don’t use anymore, and
  • Clothes that are in good condition.

Speaking of furniture. Think twice before junking an old item with good bones. Often times you can refurbish old pieces and upcycle others for a fresh, modern look in your brand-new home.


When you're moving out of state, you'll need a moving crew with specialized experience. Consult for a list of the top 18 moving companies in Birmingham. Gather up to seven quotes for free to compare costs and services, and use the platform to contact your top choices directly.

You've got a big move ahead of you. Breaking certain processes down into step-by-step tasks can be enormously helpful in getting 'er done efficiently, enjoyably, and without any regrettable jettisons.

To learn more about the best way to declutter your home before your move and to find the best local movers for the job go to

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