Find The Latest Thunder Creek Fuel/Service Trailers In Mobile, AL At This Dealer

May 26, 2022

Gulf City Body & Trailer Works (251-438-5521) wants to keep your Mobile, AL truck fleet moving. Now, it’s added the latest Thunder Creek equipment repair and fuel trailers to its inventory.

Find The Latest Thunder Creek Fuel/Service Trailers In Mobile, AL At This Dealer

Bringing fuel or parts to a truck or combine out in the field can be difficult without a trailer. And if you want the most reliable trailers in the market, you should consider the Thunder Creek brand.

Gulf City Body & Trailer Works recognizes quality, which is why it’s adding Thunder Creek bulk diesel and maintenance equipment trailers to its product line.

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Gulf City has served Georgia and northern Florida for many years, and has chosen to expand their service range in response to an increased demand. With the industry recovering from the pandemic in a big way, there has never been more need for high-quality diesel fleet repair trucks and trailers.

Studies show that America is more reliant on trucking than any other form of transportation, with over 80% of all goods being transported in this way, amounting to 50 million tons of freight moved each day. In terms of overall economic impact, trucking contributes to a larger share of industry than any other form of transport by a substantial margin.

With so many people relying on your trucking operation, it is important that your fleet is kept in top condition, and this is easier accomplished with the help of fuel and service trailers.

Gulf City is a certified dealer of Thunder Creek fleet maintenance equipment. Their products do not require hazmat certification and in some cases can be operated without a CDL, making them ideal for trucking operations of all sizes.

Investing in a Gulf City trailer is one investment you are not likely to regret, with most customers seeing an ROI in only 60 days after saving on expensive repairs. Keep your fleet in top condition so that those who rely on you will never be disappointed!

One satisfied reviewer had this to say, “If I could give more than 5 stars, I would. These guys are great and know what they’re doing, I was in a bind when my hitch broke and they had me back on the road in less than 30 mins - huge thanks to everyone there.”

Gulf City is committed to providing only the highest-quality heavy equipment and carries an expansive inventory of parts across hundreds of models. With decades of dealership experience, they can quickly repair any rig to get it back on the road faster than any of their competitors.

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