Find The Ideal Wedding Location In Bath With Professional Photography Advice

Mar 7, 2021

Professional wedding photographer, Howell Jones Photography, released a new report on ideal wedding venues in Bath that suit a range of tastes and budgets.

Are you planning a wedding in Bath? This professional photographer may have all the tips and advice you need to help plan a perfect day.

Bristol-based professional wedding photographer, Howell Jones Photography, has launched a new report detailing ideal wedding venues in the Bath area.

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The recently released report is targeted at those planning a wedding in the bath area and aims to provide advice and suggestions on suitable locations.

Weddings are traditionally regarded as one of the most important and memorable days in a persons’ life. Planning a wedding day can be a stressful and difficult experience.

A major consideration in wedding planning is documenting the event, and usually, a professional photographer, videographer or both are engaged. Howell Jones Photography have significant experience in the Bath area, and the recently published report shares this experience of several venues.

The Assembly Rooms are 1700-era rooms capturing the Georgian style and opulence typical of the period. Howell Jones Photography has documented multiple weddings at this venue.

Hotels are popular locations for weddings, and the report details several hotels in the Bath area that are ideal for weddings. The Royal Crescent Hotel is a famous boutique hotel in the area, and both the interior and exterior are suggested as ideal locations for wedding photos.

Stately homes are popular destinations for weddings, and the new report details a variety of options. Bath hosts several stately homes in the countryside that surrounds the city.

Locations such as Hamswell House are detailed, and this location offers acres of gardens, accommodation and wedding marquees.

If you’re seeking less opulent and more rural locations, the report details a range of locations in the area that have been converted for wedding purposes. One such example, Wick Farm, offers medieval buildings and barns that are suitable if you wish to create their own atmosphere.

Howell Jones Photography focus on reportage-style wedding coverage. The photographers work predominately with natural light. This style of photography is less intrusive and the aim is to capture the events of the day in a natural and candid manner. The company offers a variety of wedding photography packages.

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