Find The Best Tanker Repair, Parts Sale & Maintenance In Calera AL At This Shop

Feb 2, 2022

Broken axle on your vintage trailer got you down? Worse, you need a fast fix for pressing commercial run? Just call Gulf City Body & Trailer Works at 205-690-7240.

Find The Best Tanker Repair, Parts Sale & Maintenance In Calera AL At This Shop

If you have any doubts, consider this: the company's been around since the soldiers started coming home from the war. No, not that war. And not that one either. Yeah, the second-world one! The point is, they've seen it all. No surprises. If your first mechanic is puzzled, he can just tap into the archives!

Gulf City now offers full-service repair and maintenance at its Calera location, from aluminum and stainless welding, steel fabrication and hydraulic work, wet line kit installation to axle repair.

You can check them out at

The company sells a full line of national and brand name parts for trailers and tanks, as well as miscellaneous components and hardware. The firm also maintains an inventory of new and used trailers, from fuel tank trailers to flatbeds.

Calera is the fastest-growing city in Alabama, and its central location in the state - Calera has been dubbed "the heart of the heart of Dixie" - makes it a travel and transport hub for truckers and short-to-long-haul commercial trailer activity. This area is one of the largest chemical lime-producing areas in the United States, and I-65 links it to the state’s largest cities and many of the roadways that facilitate commerce inside and outside of the state's boundaries.

Gulf City’s fully trained mechanics can handle all repairs and maintenance for almost all makes and models of trailers. Technicians at the organization are continually upgrading their skill sets in order to accomplish the work that today's complicated trucks and trailers require. Gulf City also features a state-of-the-art service facility.

The company’s inventory, which includes dump, grain, scrap, belt, and fuel trailers, features several new listings as of mid-January, 2022. You can get a Scrap Master, for example - now available and ready for February-March delivery, as well as Thunder Creek gas engine pumps. You can also find plenty of new and used inventory on the company's website.

Gulf City Body & Trailer Works, Inc. provides a comprehensive sales and repair facility for trailers and truck equipment for both the private and the municipal market. The company is a member of NTEA and NTTC and the Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida Petroleum Association.

One customer commented: "I highly recommend Gulf City for trailer repairs and annual inspections on Hazmat tankers. They started working on my trailers the very next day after I dropped them off & got my issues taken care of in a timely manner. They are very professional and I could tell they appreciate my business as well."

So if you're anywhere near Calera or aim to be passing through, just stop by or call 205-690-7240 to see if they've got what you need.

You can also go to and look through their inventory - if your current trailer is just going to hell in a handbasket anyway, maybe it's time for a change!

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