Find The Best Globes Inlaid With Semi Precious Gemstones Hand Selected & Inlaid By Artisans At This Online Store

Oct 25, 2017

A range of semi precious gemstone globes has been announced by The Online Globe Store. The retailer offers gemstone globes handcrafted by artisans in a range of colors, styles and prices.

The Online Globe Store have announced that they offer a range of gemstone globes. The online retailer offers globes in a variety of sizes, colors and prices.

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The Online Globe Store is an online retailer who have been offering customers high quality, hand crafted globes for over ten years. They specialize in creating gemstone globes, where each stone is hand picked by an expert stone cutter. The stones chosen from a select variety of over 30 semi precious stones harvested from around the world.

It is explained that the globe creation process involves a minimum of ten steps to ensure the highest quality and craftsmanship. Once the gemstones have been chosen and individually cut to a custom size, they are then inlaid on to the globe’s surface by seasoned stone artisans. The artisans can spend anywhere from 200 hours to 1000 hours in the production of each globe depending on the size and intricate detailing involved.

The online store explains that customers may have seen gemstone globes in expensive stores, speciality shops, high end jewelry stores and at state fairs. The prices of these globes tend to run into the hundreds for the smallest gemstone globes alone. The Online Globe Store can offer artisan crafted, semi precious gemstone globes in a range of prices meaning that anyone can find a globe to suit their budget.

The company offers globes in a vast range of sizes, types and colors. Customers can browse by category on the website. Categories shown include ocean color, globe size, globe style and product price. Globes styles include C-stand, three or four leg stands in the options of gold, silver and copper, book end globes, clock globes and map boards. Ocean colors are created from the color of the natural gemstone, for example stones used for the various ocean colors include turquoise, jade, amber and mother of pearl.

Those wishing to find out more can visit the website on the link provided above.

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