Find The Best Drag And Drop Website Builder For Brownsville TX Small Businesses

Oct 26, 2020

Looking to create a website for your small business? This page builder lets you create stunning and fully responsive designs using customizable templates.

During this tough economic climate, you don’t have to spend a fortune to create a business website!

M.A.R.Z Web Solutions offers a page builder equipped with drag-and-drop functions and other easy-to-use features. The company based in Brownsville, Texas endeavors to provide small businesses and individual practitioners with a convenient way of building their websites.

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In the digital age, even small brands from virtually all industries need to have an online presence to stay competitive. The page building tool enables you to create various types of professional-grade webpages even without a formal background in web development.

The page builder comes with a stunning collection of pre-made designs, eliminating the need for you to produce your pages from scratch. The templates are categorized according to functions like home, product, contact, lead generation, checkout, landing page, webinars, and pricing.

To personalize the designs, you may choose to modify the global settings of your chosen template. You can simply pick your preferred colors, fonts, and other design options, and the new selections will take effect on all your pages.

The company presents another way of customizing the pages through their signature shape dividers. Separating content in a fun manner, the feature lends an additional modern design element to the pages.

M.A.R.Z Web Solutions recognizes the need for some businesses to conduct A/B testing of their pages to determine which designs lead to better conversion rates. With just a couple of clicks, the page builder allows you to compare the performance of two layouts of your content.

The company also acknowledges that mobile responsiveness is a common concern among website owners since it can directly affect customer experience. With their page creation tool, however, page designs can be viewed properly regardless of the device since they scale automatically on phones and tablets.

Aside from their drag-and-drop page builder, M.A.R.Z Web Solutions also provides affordable web design services complete with hosting. If you’re looking to build their own websites, the company currently offers a choice of four packages to suit every business need.

Interested parties may find additional details by clicking on the above link.

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