Find Remote Metaverse, NFT Development Jobs At This Web3 Solutions Provider

Apr 28, 2023

Want the freedom to work from home or anywhere else you choose? Well, you’re not alone. There’s a digital revolution coming and you can be part of it. Find out how freelance web3 jobs are now more dependable than ever with Meta-Builders!

Well, it’s official. My avatar has a better life than I do. Whilst I sit here in my office cubicle, counting down the hours til 5 pm, digital me is off exploring the Metaverse. From creating new worlds, attending virtual events, and actually being able to own their own property… Is it possible to be jealous of myself? Well, the digital me anyways?

I wish I could trade in all this mundane routine and morning commute for a more free, relaxed lifestyle. But my freelancing daydreams are always accompanied by the nightmares of no job stability. Will I have enough work? Will I have enough money? Will I have support? These worries have held me back from taking the leap into freelancing, but a new web3 jobs platform might be about to make my dreams a reality.

Meta-Builders, a leading company operating in both the Metaverse and real-world markets, has launched a platform for service providers in the web3 space to find dependable employment in the form of "in-home freelancing".

Discover dependable and stress-free employment in the digital economy at

The concept of "in-home freelancing" on their platform is intriguing, as it allows me to come and go as I please while still having a stable source of income. This means I can have the flexibility to work on my own terms, just like my digital me avatar in the Metaverse.

Their platform offers a wide range of projects for new freelance hires to work on, including blockchain development, NFT (non-fungible token) and smart contract creation, and payment system development - an in-demand skill set as cryptocurrencies become more prolific and widely accepted for real-world purchases. Turns out my skills really are needed!

Meta-Builders fully embraces digital commerce, primarily accepting payments from their clients in the decentralized blockchain cryptocurrency Ethereum, or ETH. Payments to their freelancing team are also available as crypto deposits, so both me and my avatar can reap the rewards.

Now, one of my biggest concerns about freelancing has always been job stability. But with Meta-Builders' platform, I can have peace of mind knowing that I will have a consistent source of work. I can bid farewell to the stress of constantly searching for projects and instead focus on doing what I love.

The platform's intuitive interface means I can sign up and start working within minutes. I can easily create a profile and showcase my skills to their diverse range of clients. No need to hustle, just take on the projects you want.

And I won’t be doing it alone. They’ve got a great, supportive community of people like me who are all working together under the Meta-Builders banner. You can join them at

Meta-Builders has a reputation for being a reliable provider of innovative services, which has allowed it to offer stable employment opportunities in the digital economy.

You can learn more about the kind of work they do in this handy news article at

So, let’s stop daydreaming. I’m off to join my avatar in the exciting freelancing digital economy and live my best digital (and real-world) life!

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