Find Qualified Employees With Help From A Top Talent Acquisition Specialist

Apr 5, 2023

If you want to attract the best talent, you need a solid recruitment strategy. The talent acquisition specialists at Vertical Elevation will teach you how to find skilled workers who are the right fit for your company.

Find Qualified Employees With Help From A Top Talent Acquisition Specialist

“Did you notice the pastry factory is always hiring? They must have a high turnover rate.” High turnover is no joking matter! You need a savvy recruitment strategy if you want your company to have a hardworking team with a unified vision for success. If you need help with talent acquisition, contact the experts at Vertical Elevation!

The advisory firm will help you develop a talent strategy to identify, attract, and retain qualified candidates that will bring value to your company.

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Vertical Elevation can assist you if your company is facing high employee turnover. Its coaches will develop a custom roadmap to guide you, so you can entice and retain the best talent in your industry.

According to a Monster global report, 9 out of 10 employers are struggling to fill jobs- - with 29% of employers agreeing that the skills gap has increased year-on-year. As such, you need to find unique ways to appeal to skilled candidates.

Vertical Elevation's talent acquisition experts will start by finding the gaps in your company's current recruitment strategy. For example, you may be hiring people who match surface-level criteria, but aren’t in true alignment with your company's vision. The team will encourage you to focus on more efficient hiring practices, so you attract employees who have the skills, experience, and attitude to excel in your company.

The corporate advisor will help you create an authentic and supportive environment that promotes teamwork and productivity. To succeed, your entire leadership team needs to know the company vision and your employees need to be clear on their roles and take responsibility for what they do. As such, they help you align your team and inspire a winning company culture.

About Vertical Elevation

Vertical Elevation is a corporate advisory firm that specializes in talent acquisition, strategic business planning, leadership development, and career coaching. Its coaches identify the root causes of high employee turnover and low workplace morale at a company and then teach its leaders how to create and sustain a healthy, talent-centric business that runs at maximum efficiency.

A satisfied client said, “It has always been a challenge finding real estate brokers who are dedicated to our mission, to our clients, and not their own. What Vertical Elevation has done is put a process in place where I can identify, benchmark, qualify, and hire my talent so that I know I'm bringing the best people in-house and I can contribute to their success when they are on board.”

You can stop the revolving door once and for all with recruitment strategies from Vertical Elevation. Contact the team today and schedule a discovery call.

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