Find Out Why This B2B Lead Database Is The #1 Source Of Ethically Sourced Leads

Jul 4, 2024

Lead Connect Pro from LEAD Engagements is the ideal tool if you’re looking to grow your business. It offers ethically sourced data and cutting-edge growth tools!

Have you tried all the lead generation and marketing tools under the sun? They've probably all been more than a little disappointing. With Lead Connect Pro from LEAD Engagements, you can take a data-driven approach to marketing and outreach and position your business for success!

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Make lead generation easier

LEAD Engagements recognizes that lead generation is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today. According to Blogging Wizard, 68% of businesses struggle with it! But by implementing Lead Connect Pro in your workflow, you can use advanced buyer intent data to uncover more sales opportunities.

"With Lead Connect Pro, you can enhance your B2B prospecting with high-quality double-verified leads," a LEAD Engagements spokesperson said. "Don't miss out on potential leads. Uncover hidden sales opportunities as it identifies companies actively seeking solutions like yours."

Get detailed customer insights

The tool offers a detailed profile of each lead, including job titles, emails, phone numbers, work experience, education, and social media links - equipping your team with the necessary context to personalize your outreach and create deeper, more meaningful connections.

To combat the challenge of data decay, Lead Connect Pro uses AI tools and machine learning to maintain the accuracy of its database. The platform continuously sources and validates contact information from exclusive databases and open-source solutions, ensuring that you have access to the most up-to-date and reliable information.

The spokesperson added: "Good data is the cornerstone of effective B2B prospecting. Without reliable information, even the best tools can fall short. We ensure data integrity by avoiding decay."

See which leads are worth pursuing

Recognizing the importance of data quality, LEAD Engagements has designed a double scoring process that uses AI to assess and scale each contact, assigning them a score from 1 to 100, helping to ensure that you receive the highest quality leads.

Furthermore, the company said that Lead Connect Pro can capture the details of users who refuse to fill in forms. It added that this feature is essential in prospecting, as only 2% of users voluntarily provide contact details.

No B2B lead database offers these features! Stay ahead of the competition by incorporating Lead Connect Pro into your lead gen efforts. Check out

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