Find Out Which Children’s Entertainer Has Won Magician Of The Year By Visiting This Website

Feb 15, 2017

Discover Eric Appel, recent winner of a Magician of the Year award, by visiting Mr. Magico’s website. Mr. Magico provide exciting and fun magicians for children’s birthday parties that include comedy, prizes and absolutely wizard magic tricks.

Mr Magico, a provider of entertainment for children's birthday parties, have announced that one of their magicians has won the Magician of the Year award. Eric Appel won this award for being best performer at children's birthday parties for his role as Mr. Magico.

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Mr. Magico was created by John Monte, a Brooklyn native, in the 1960's and performed as Mr. Magico until the early 1980's. He created a popular show that he performed at thousands of children's birthday parties, schools, libraries and special events. He has formed a perfect magician show that he has passed on to others.

For over 25 years other Mr. Magico's have been specially selected and trained to perform the same high quality shows and magic tricks that the original shows had and there are now Mr. Magico's all over the country. One of these performers, Eric Appel, has recently won a Magician of the Year award for his performance as Mr. Magico.

The Mr. Magico show is a fun entertainment for birthday parties and the magician performs a wide variety of entertaining magic tricks to amuse the audience. This performance includes audience participation, puppets, comedy, balloon animals, mystery prizes and the all important magic hat and wand.

They website explains that audience participation is a large part of Mr. Magico's show and the children can be involved as much or as little as they want. This participation can include helping Mr. Magico by shouting out magic words and even adults can get involved too.

As well as magic the Mr. Magico show features a large amount of comedy to keep the audience laughing. The comedy used by Mr. Magico is good clean fun, with no insults or off color language and has developed a reputation for its wholesome humour for the whole family.

Those wishing to find out mor can visit the website on the link provided above.

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