Find Out How To Claim 2024 ERC Benefits Retroactively With This Claims Program

Dec 4, 2023

You can retroactively file and claim up to $26,000 per employee in COVID relief fund – and the team at Heros ERTC can guide you through the process. Start your application today!

If your business was affected by COVID-19 and you haven’t applied for financial aid under the ERC program yet – talk to the folks at Heros ERTC for help. They will hold your hand through the complex ERTC process to get the funding you deserve.

The eligibility assessment and application program from Heros ERTC is available to all U.S. businesses, big or small (so long as you have at least 3 W-2 employees). And guess what? It comes with no upfront fees.

You can potentially pocket up to $26,000 per employee for eligible wages and healthcare expenses incurred after March 12, 2020, and before October 1st, 2021.

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Launched under the CARES Act, the ERC (a.k.a. ERTC) program was intended to offer financial relief to employers like yourself affected by the pandemic and help them stay afloat. However, many businesses could not benefit from this initiative due to misconceptions about eligibility and the complex application process.

Here’s where it gets interesting: If your business received funding under the Payroll Protection Program, you might still also qualify for tax rebates. And there are no strings attached - these refunds are non-repayable and definitely not loans.

To begin the claims process, you need to complete a short questionnaire found on Heros ERTC's website. Once done, a team of CPAs at the firm will review your information to determine if you qualify and how much you could receive in rebates.

The ERTC specialists will take care of all the paperwork, apply on your behalf, and will hand over IRS audit-proofed documentation, so that when the authorities come knocking, you have failproof evidence to defend your claims. 

And if you’re wondering how much all of these will cost you? You don’t pay a dime until the rebates are in your bank account.

Heros ERTC has helped many businesses successfully claim their tax credits under the ERTC program, including a restaurant ownership group in Florida that received over $1.1 million in rebates.

Though the program has ended, there are still several billions in unclaimed credits, and Heros ERTC will help you get your own share.

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