Find Magicians In Your Area For Your Next Family Event By Visiting This New Directory

Jan 4, 2017

Discover the best magicians and family entertainers in your area for your next family event by visiting This new directory allows you to search, compare, rate and review magicians in your locality, ensuring your party is a success.

  • find magicians in your area for your next family event by visiting this new dire
  • find magicians in your area for your next family event by visiting this new dire

A new online directory,, has been launched. This new directory allows anyone, anywhere in the world to find a magician for an upcoming special event. Users can use the site to search, review and connect with magicians and family entertainers.

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Magicshow has been launched so that anyone who is in need of a magician for an event, such as birthday parties, can find what they need in one directory. The international directory works by allowing users to search for magicians local to them by using keywords and place names.

The site then explains that after carrying out a search and narrowing it down to the local area, users can then compare magicians details from their listings. Each individual magician listing contains everything a customer needs to know in a simple format, making comparisons easy and fast.

Each listing provides an overview of the magician with a full color photo of the entertainer, location, company details and contact information. On the overview page there is also an option to contact them easily via a simple contact form. At the top of each listing are tabs that link to more detailed information about the magician including what their specialities are, reviews and videos in action.

The review system for the acts featured on the directory allows previous users to rate them using a star system and comments. The user can give up to five stars in up to six categories including overall rating, service, expertise and communication. The comments section allows the review to be more personalized to their experience and allows future users to compare it to their own situations.

Also available on the new site are a series of reports focused on the entertainment industry offering and insight and advice to those in the business. One of the latest reports is written by a cruise ship magician and is about performing magic shows on cruise ships and how competitive it is as an industry.

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