Find & Hire Fractional Executives: New Platform Offers 10,000+ Vetted Candidates

Jul 7, 2024

Fractional employment is a cost-effective solution for startups and small businesses, but the process of finding the right individual can still be very time-consuming. Hyrproz takes the hassle out of finding fractional talent.

Hire Skilled Senior Executives

Fractional positions are often at the C-Suite level, meaning you have to carefully review candidates before making a decision. Hyrproz does all the heavy lifting for you, pre-vetting each candidate, and using advanced AI to match you with suitable individuals.

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The new platform has been operating in stealth mode for several quarters, allowing them to collate over 10,000 experienced executives. It will launch publicly on July 20, 2024, but you can register for the waitlist right now, giving you first access to the talent pool.

You’re probably already aware of the cost-effective nature of fractional employment, but finding and hiring is still very time-consuming. Hyrproz makes the process much more efficient, while also mitigating the risk of engaging someone who isn’t well-suited to your needs.

"We invite companies and professionals to join the Hyrproz platform as we gear up for our public launch," said the Hyrproz team. "Our mission is to make hiring fast, efficient, and risk-free."

Fractional Talent Aren’t Freelancers

Fractional employment works on a similar contractual basis to other part-time positions, with some key differences. As most fractional engagements are for executive or C-suite positions, the nature of the work is often strategic and highly specialized, and many contracts are long-term.

As fractional positions operate at such a high level, Hyrproz states that skills and experience are a critical consideration. To that end, the firm undergoes an extensive vetting process prior to listing new candidates on the platform.

AI-Based Matching Technology

Businesses using the new service will have access to an AI-driven matching program, which identifies potential candidates based on a variety of parameters, such as location, industry, category, and skills. This is designed to streamline the process of reviewing resumes and databases, allowing for a faster hiring process.

In addition to businesses, Hyrproz is inviting skilled and experienced executives who wish to contribute to emerging companies to register for the platform. The firm highlights several benefits of fractional positions, including the opportunity to work on a variety of projects, as well as the potential to become a full-time senior executive in the future.

“Most startups hire too early or too expensive. With fractional talent, startups can get the work done without adding large costs,” the firm continues. “Our platform is designed to take the guesswork out of fractional hiring, connecting businesses with top talent from a wide range of sectors.”

Register for the Hyrproz waitlist today, and enjoy first access to the huge pool of fractional talent when it opens on July 20, 2024.

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