Find Freelance NFT Development Job Opportunities & Web3 Smart Contracts

Oct 27, 2023

Are you an NFT developer? Looking for an easier way to find consistent Web3 assignments? Then you need to join Meta-Builders’ freelance platform to start connecting with businesses seeking your Metaverse skills!

No matter how long you’ve been working on Web3 projects, you may still struggle to find your next gig, as it can be hard to connect with high-paying clients. That’s where Meta-Builders comes in with their platform, which will connect you with business owners looking to incorporate NFTs and metaverse environments into their operations.

The Web3 employment opportunity platform gives Web3 development freelancers like you the chance to find flexible yet consistent work opportunities in the metaverse industry.

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Meta-Builders platform is suitable if you are a freelancer with experience across a range of Web3 applications, including NFTs, Smart Contracts, and metaverse builds.

As the initial boom of interest in metaverse projects has seemingly abated, there are still 400 million active users worldwide, according to Metaversed data. With over 70% of Americans considering or already having joined it, by 2026, 25% of Americans are expected to spend some time in the metaverse every day, research compiled by METAV.RS reveals.

However, since development in the Web3 industry requires specific knowledge of areas such as blockchain programming and smart contract integrations, it can be costly for businesses to hire and train their own internal teams. Additionally, with the industry being still relatively new, freelance Web3 developers like you can struggle to find clients, as they don’t have the referrals and portfolios to present their work. To help both businesses take advantage of the opportunities the metaverse provides by creating their own metaverse projects, and professional developers looking for Web3 job opportunities, Meta-Builders created its freelancing platform. 

Meta-Builders’ platform facilitates consultations with the company’s team to discuss and direct business owners toward available freelancers who are able to design and launch their metaverse projects. In this regard, the platform gives you a more reliable source of employment while allowing you to retain flexibility in your work. More information regarding the platform can be found at

You can also join Meta-Builders’ active online Discord community where developers and business owners can connect and discuss projects, ideas, and future innovations. To date, the company has partnered and connected freelancers with multiple leading businesses and clients, including Blockchain Valley Virtual, Moloch Digital, and Hip Hop Heads. 

A spokesperson for Meta-Builders said, “We plan to become a consistent and reliable resource for service providers in the web3 space to find dependable employment in the form of ‘in home freelancing’. Essentially allowing workers to come and go as they please while still having stability in ‘employment’ opportunities.”

Land consistent and reliable Web3 development jobs from business clients with Meta-Builders’ platform.

For more information, you can visit where you can connect with the company’s team.

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