Find American-Made Bone Graft Syringe Injector Tools At This Dental Supplier

Apr 8, 2024

In the hustle and bustle of a busy dental clinic with limited resources and even less time, you need tools and instruments you can rely on. Put your faith in SurgiMac for all your dental supplies!

Looking for high-quality dental tools for bone and soft tissue grafts? Look no further than SurgiMac!

The US-based medical and dental equipment supplier has a new injector instrument for bone graft procedures. The SurgiMac Bone Graft Syringe tool is designed to make your grafting more accurate and efficient. It is part of the company's proprietary range of dentistry tools and accessories, offering you robust performance and durability for a busy dental practice.

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The instrument range complements SurgiMac's extensive inventory of bone and soft tissue grafting materials. You can purchase all products via the web store with same-day dispatch possible for urgent orders. The company has offices and dispatch centers in both New York and Utah, ensuring that supplies can reach you as quickly as possible.

The Bone Graft Syringe Injector features a slim and ergonomic design. This gives you optimal control with its precise delivery. Enjoy accurate placement of grafting materials every time! This design also reduces the risk of displaced grafts, saving you time and resources in the process and increasing productivity in the clinic, and it facilitates a steady and controlled flow rate to prevent spillages or excess materials being used.

In addition to SurgiMac-branded products, the supplier stocks bone grafting materials from manufacturers such as Septodont. You can also browse the store's large collection of dental spatulas, precision cleaning tools, explorer scrapers, curettes, and dental probes. The web store currently offers discounts of between 33 and 65% on almost all of these accessories.

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The company has been providing high-quality products to the dental and medical communities since 1987. SurgiMac is an environmentally responsible retailer, prizing sustainability and a dedication to enabling improved patient outcomes as part of its core values.

A spokesperson says, “With our wide selection of products, customers are sure to find the right solution and access the most up-to-date technology available, enabling them to provide optimal care for their patients. With our powerful back-end warehouse system, we can provide you with real-time inventory and order status updates.”

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