Financial Optimization Tool Improves Budget For People Facing Job Insecurity

Jun 7, 2024

Your service providers will keep squeezing you for everything you’ve got until you get Recession Resister to audit and negotiate your bills for you. See how thousands of Americans are starting to save big.

Recession Resister wants you to know that the price of energy officially went up 6.2% last year, the cost of cell phone bills went up 5%, water up 4%... and every other common bill went up too. If you’re not employed right now, or are not in a position to ask for a raise, there is a very good chance that the rising cost of bills is outstripping what you can earn.

If you need help to cut costs, they are here to slash your bills and optimize your finances. Go to to find out how.

An Efficient & Budget-Friendly Path To Budget Sustainability

Recession Resister is pleased to now be giving you the chance to access Bill Saver, their popular and powerful bill saving and budget optimization tool, which they initially developed for businesses across the United States.

Bill Saver is designed to be an efficient, secure, budget-friendly and smart way for you to lower your expenses and enhance your budget sustainability.

Optimize Your Finances With Bill Saver

The financial optimization service can be accessed easily online at the Recession Resister website, and you only need to upload your regular bills. You can use Bill Saver for most of your monthly utilities and bills, including energy, water, phone, internet, cable TV, home security, and more.

As a recent report from Business Insider explained, Americans are collectively overpaying $60 billion on their bills every year, which is why Recession Resister is confident they can secure big discounts on most of your major monthly bills by using their smart auditing and negotiation process.

Get Your Bills Audited & Negotiated

The trained auditors and contract negotiators who work for Recession Resister can scour years’ of prior bills for you, getting any errors or overcharges refunded, and they can also put pressure on your service providers and use their knowledge of market rates to get you fairer and better prices. 

“Did you know you are likely overpaying for many of the services you use every day? How do you know if spending hours on the internet or on the phone trying to get a better deal will even work?” asked a spokesperson for the auditors and negotiators. “With Bill Saver, our smart technology and team of negotiation experts ensure you’re not being overcharged. We work to reduce your bills so you can sit back and enjoy the savings.”

An Expense Reducing Solution For People Facing Job Insecurity

As they have launched Bill Saver for families and individuals with people facing job insecurity and financial insecurity in mind, like yourself, they also offer their complete expense management services with no upfront cost.

The auditors at Recession Resister will only make money if and when they bring you savings, which they describe as an incentive for them to fight for bigger discounts on your behalf.   

If you need to lower your expenses and save money on your bills, their team is standing by to help you.

Start optimizing your finances today at

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