Financial Optimization Service For Local Businesses Boosts Profitability

Feb 27, 2024

Sit back and save with Recession Resister. With their financial optimization services, your business can cut your bills and utilities to reduce financial waste and boost profits.

Recession Resister appreciates that small local businesses like yours are the backbone of the community and the country, and they are pleased to be giving your business expert actionable advice and savings mechanisms so you can become more financially sustainable, agile and profitable.

Make 2024 a year of lowered expenses and increased profits at

Reduce Your Operating Costs With Recession Resister

Recession Resister can offer you several financial optimization services that are designed to reduce your core overheads like bills and utilities.

The team of expense management experts at the firm understand that, as a small local business, you probably don’t have the manpower nor the time to self-audit, nor to pay for costly external financial auditors, which is why they recommend their simple and efficient yet comprehensive cost-cutting services to you. 

The Profitability Problem For Small Businesses

They have launched their service based on the latest figures on profitability for small businesses in the United States from Zippia. As Zippia’s researchers discovered, only 40% of small businesses in the country are profitable and only “at some point,” meaning that there is every chance that your small business is not profitable, or, not consistently profitable.

If you’ve been struggling, Recession Resister can help you become financially leaner. 

The Best Financial Optimization Service

With their new financial optimization service for local and small businesses, they will look to make reductions to your main bills and utilities. This includes:

  • electricity,
  • natural gas,
  • telecommunications,
  • water/sewerage,
  • trash/refuse,
  • security,
  • pest control,
  • payroll and more. 

The team at Recession Resister will firstly renegotiate your contracts with your service providers in order to secure a more favorable rate and favorable provisions, and then also put in place an automated bill switching service which will ensure that each year you are taking advantage of the best plan on the market. 

Recession Resister can also audit years’ worth of prior bills looking for errors and overcharges and using this data to understand your usage so they can make further cost-cutting recommendations, including energy efficient switches like modern low-energy consumption HVAC systems. 

Improve Your Financial Sustainability In 2024

Recession Resister calls their financial optimization service “the simplest way to lower your overhead costs.” As their spokesperson added, “Did you know you are likely overpaying for many of the services you use every day? How do you know if spending hours on the internet or on the phone trying to get a better deal will even work? With our smart technology and team of negotiation experts, we can ensure you’re not being overcharged. We work to reduce your bills so you can sit back and enjoy the savings.” 

Make 2024 a more financially sustainable and profitable year for your business with Recession Resister.

Sign up for their financial optimization expertise at They offer a no-save, no-pay promise on all services.  

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