Financial Optimization Expert Lowers Monthly Bills For Job Loss Victims

Jun 1, 2024

Have you recently lost your job? Are you struggling to make rent, let alone pay your monthly bills? Talk to the team at Recession Resister today!

Whether you want to shop around for a better deal on internet, TV, or energy bills, or you think you've been overcharged in the past, Recession Resister can help. If you've recently lost your job, you're dealing with enough stress – let expert negotiators reduce your monthly bills!

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Most people pay too much

The company explains that around 80% of people in the US could be overpaying for their bills. When a sudden job loss occurs, this places immediate stress on families who are likely to find their budget stretched, and by managing their monthly contracts, Recession Resister provides a solution.

The US, like many countries around the world in the cost of living crisis, continues to struggle with job losses. According to Statista, around 3.2 million people were fired or made redundant last month, leaving many households struggling to make ends meet.

Monthly expenses are on the up

The stress is only underscored by data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showing that consumers spent an average of $6,081 per month in 2022 - a figure that continues to climb due to inflation and other economic factors.

With the Bill Saver program from Recession Resister, you can simplify the process of reducing your monthly expenses. You just have to upload your current service contracts through a secure online portal, and Recession Resister's team of negotiators will contact every company on your behalf.

Within six weeks, they will present you with new rate options from your existing service providers, and you then have full control over whether to accept the new deal or maintain your existing arrangement.

Try the service with no risk

The Bill Saver program is risk-free, making it ideal if you've lost your job. Recession Resister does not charge any upfront fees for their services, instead choosing to take 50% of the savings achieved through successful negotiations.

A spokesperson states: "Chances are your monthly costs for services have increased consistently over time without you noticing, or that they include hidden fees, old charges that should have disappeared, or some other gotcha that you may not even know about. We evaluate this for you."

Don't let the stress of your situation stop you from getting better deals. Talk to Recession Resister to see how they can help you!

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