Fighting The Sea With My Wrists

Sep 22, 2021

When I went on my cruise trip, NoMo Nausea bands saved the day from an almost awful episode of vomiting.

I’ve never been a huge fan of going on cruise vacations because I’ve always had severe headaches that would make me vomit endlessly. However, during the last summer vacation of my middle school years, I was compelled to go to the Bahamas with my relatives for a three-day holiday. I begged my local pharmacist for some over-the-counter medication to treat my seasickness, fearing the worse. Despite the fact that I was able to gain some short relief from my problems, I thought it was insufficient.

I decided to bring one of the NoMoNausea bands I bought after running across an article about how their fragrant elastic bands could help avoid migraines. I boarded the enormous vessel on the day of our departure, my band firmly on my wrist, and there we set sail towards our destination. The rocking of this massive cruise ship was almost unbearable at first, as it felt like my guts were being tossed around like a piƱata. I dashed to my room, terrified that I would puke in front of everyone on board. The sight of my five-foot figure flying past them perplexed onlookers. I was isolated in my bedroom, which was progressively filling with the strong peppermint aroma emanating from my NoMoNausea band as I slammed the door behind me. Almost quickly, all of the symptoms I was experiencing disappeared. I was inclined to take the medication that the pharmacist had given me, but it seemed superfluous. My cousins finally knocked on my door, inquiring about my well-being. They were greeted by the strong pleasant perfume of my band as soon as they walked in. They were panicked, but I was surprised at how calm and peaceful I felt, given my previous cruise experiences. I wish I could go back in time and not have bought those over-the-counter meds when all I really needed were these NoMo Nausea bands.

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