Field Marketing Organization For Medicare Insurance Agents With Carrier Training

Mar 25, 2024

Everyone needs healthcare. While this might make Medicare sales seem like a home run for agents, the reality is not so easy. If you want to reach more clients, close more deals, and stand out in a competitive field, partner with Trusted American Insurance Agency!

Want to make waves in the Medicare marketplace? Looking for an FMO that goes the extra mile to support insurance agents?

For the best back-office support and marketing solutions for health insurance sales, partner with Trusted American Insurance Agency! More details at

The agency brings over 30 years of experience in the Medicare industry and is committed to helping you market and grow your businesses as efficiently as possible. With a blend of marketing tools, website building, and carrier training, TAIA puts the scope and resources of a large organization behind independent agents like you.

Provided you have your state licensing qualification, you can onboard with ease via the website by filling in a contracting form and completing your carrier certifications.

Senior Care

TAIA focuses its efforts on the senior healthcare market. With the elderly population in the US set to reach 73 million over the next 30 years – as per the Congressional Budget Office – the already high demand for health insurance is set to increase. While there is no shortage of potential customers, the Medicare space is nonetheless competitive, making FMO services crucial to smaller operations and sole traders.

Web Presence

The agency helps you establish a stronger online presence with its website-building services. These are free if you're a newly contracted agent and include fully CMS-compliant designs, customized branding, and mobile-friendly performance. TAIA's websites are all optimized for search engines and designed to increase your conversion rates.

Quick Quotes

Other key resources include a state-of-the-art Medicare quoting tool that provides rapid, up-to-the-minute cost estimates to assist you in the field. You can generate instant quotes for MedSupps, Medicare Advantage, and MAPD. The tool works from anywhere and can be accessed via a computer, tablet, or smartphone and also allows you to submit insurance applications for selected carriers.

Marketing Magic

Marketing is also covered with downloadable templates for social media ads, cross-selling letters, and seminar flyers while a new ticketing system gives you faster access to the helpdesk for case management support.

A spokesperson says, “Most new independent insurance agents struggle to find success in the Medicare marketplace. But at Trusted American Insurance Agency, we offer unique mentorship opportunities so you can get the guidance you need to be successful.”

Make your mark in Medicare sales with Trusted American Insurance Agency!

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